New Street Fighter 6 Update Is a Game-Changer, Makes Essential Technique Easier

A new update for Street Fighter 6 introduces new character Rashid, and makes a core technique much easier to execute.
Street Fighter 6 Rashid

Street Fighter 6 has received a major new update, which welcomes the game’s first downloadable post-launch character, Rashid, as well as making a significant change to one of its core techniques: Drive Rush cancels.

How Much Does Rashid Cost?

Rashid is available from the in-game Goods Shop, and comes at the cost of 350 Fighter Coins, the game’s real-world money equivalent. He costs roughly USD $7.00.

He is also included in the Year One Character Pass DLC, which offers access to four characters, extra costume colours, and in-game currency (4200 Drive Tickets) for USD $30.

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If you have earned Rental Tickets from the game’s free Battle Pass, you can redeem to them trial Rashid for one hour.

The update also adds Rashid to the single-player World Tour mode, where he can be befriended and teach your avatar his techniques. He’s also been added to the Arcade Mode, where he has a brief story.

Drive Rush Cancel Changes

The Drive Rush is one of the new systems in Street Fighter 6, which allows every character to execute a fast dash forward, allowing them to quickly close gaps and begin an attack. One practical way to use Drive Rushes are to activate them during an attack or special move – a technique called a Drive Rush cancel – which interrupts the current animation and allows you to string another attack or special move right after it. It’s an essential, intermediate-to-advanced level technique that allows you to build your own combos.

The big change comes in how it’s executed. To perform a Drive Rush previously, you would need to press the Drive Parry button (in Modern Controls) or Medium Punch + Medium Kick simultaneously at the same time (in Classic Controls) AND double-tap ‘towards’ on your movement controls.

This isn’t difficult to do from a standing start, but performing a Drive Rush cancel while you’re also attempting to accurately execute the moves before and after it can be a lot inputs for beginner and intermediate players to juggle mentally.

After the July 2023 update, performing a Drive Rush cancel is simply a matter of pressing either the Drive Parry Button or Medium Punch + Medium Kick, without needing to double-tap ‘towards’. The change makes it dramatically easier to link attacks together.

The update also brings a number of tweaks to Modern Controls for various characters. Visit the official Street Fighter 6 website for the full update notice and battle changes.

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