Street Fighter 6 – Rashid Character Details

Here's a detailed look at the new and improved Rashid, the first downloadable character for Street Fighter 6.
Street Fighter 6 Rashid Character Tutorial Moveset

Capcom has released a new video for Street Fighter 6 which goes into great detail about the moveset of its first downloadable character, Rashid. As a returning fighter who first debuted and found great popularity in Street Fighter 5, the stuck-on Street Fighter community is naturally curious to see how he’s changed for his return.

The video, which is an advance look at what will likely be Rashid’s in-game tutorial, comprehensively explores his twisty, twirly, high-flying, and wind-infused moveset, offering some key strategies and ideas about how to best utilise them. It follows the same format as the rest of the in-game character tutorials, which we remarked were very approachable and comprehensive in our Street Fighter 6 review.


Here’s a transcript of all the tips provided in the video, as described by the high-flying Middle Eastern influencer himself. Frankly, he looks like he’s going to be a nightmare to deal with.

Street Fighter 6 – Rashid – Special Moves

Spinning Mixer

  • Unleash multiple chops while spinning. Useful for combos and sequences, it also makes for a great anti-air attack.
  • This hand move changes direction depending on the strength of the button used.
    • Light will send you charging forward without leaving you too open. Definitely something to lean on when approaching an opponent, or to link into from normal attacks.
    • The medium version sends you spinning upward diagonally. With a nice, quick startup, it’s great for closing out combos at close range. You’ll recover quickly after it connects, so be sure to follow it up when you have someone cornered.
    • With the heavy version, the attack will go straight up. It’ll beat out incoming jump attacks, so it’s a great anti-air tool. Look for chances to snip jumping opponents out of the air so that you can establish the pace.
    • (Overdrive) This one’s completely invincible to an opponent’s attacks, so lean on it when you need to get out of a jam. If someone is getting all up in your face, take them for a spin. It sends you spinning upwards diagonally

Eagle Spike

  • Bound forward while delivering a powerful flying kick. Deals high damage and is easy to use to tack on an additional hit at the end of a combo.
    • The startup speed will depend on the strength of the button used, so be careful. The medium and heavy ones pack a punch and are easy to follow up with attacks after landing them. And the light one’s great for combos off of normal attacks.
    • (Overdrive) Nail someone with this to launch your opponents into the air, leaving them wide open for follow-ups. You also get a side switch on hit, so it’s your go-to move when you need a way out.

Whirlwind Shot

  • Spin around quickly to whip up a whirlwind before launching it with a kick. Can be powered up by holding the attack button.
    • The strength of the button used will change the distance and trajectory of the shot. The light version’s great for checking your opponent from a distance, and if you see someone trying to jump in on you, hit them with the heavy shot.
    • Whatever button you go for, holding it down will increase both the number of hits AND the damage for the shot. Once you’ve got wind swirling around your feet, your powered up whirlwind is good to go.
    • (Overdrive) The OD version fires a whirlwind straight forward that launches your opponent on hit. Don’t miss your chance to follow it up if it lands.
  • Locked in a projectile war? Then mix it in to throw off your opponent. It’s also a great option to use in combos.

Arabian Cyclone

  • A spinning kick attack that summons a whirlwind in front of you. The move can be followed up with two different movement techniques.
  • Now, this one’s great as it is for attack sequences, but you’re missing out if you skip on the mobility options it opens up. Looking to close the distance, start a close-range sequence, or extend a combo? Then this move is for you.

Wing Stroke

  • First up is Wing Stroke. This’ll send you soaring gracefully through the air toward your opponent. You can launch jump attacks out of it too for a nasty mix-up.
  • Distance doesn’t mean a thing with the wind on your side! Chase after a launched opponent and unload a combo on them from this, and you’re bound to make some highlight reels!

Rolling Assault

  • And next we have Rolling Assault. This one’s perfect for slipping under higher projectiles. If they’re ever giving you trouble, then break out the Arabian Cyclone and roll.
  • Use Rolling Assault out of a heavy Arabian Cyclone, and even if it’s blocked, you’ll be able to keep up your offense, making it a potent weapon in your arsenal.

Nail Assault

  • And last but not least is Nail Assault. A nice move for keeping opponents in check. Try to hit them with the tip. It’s also a good follow-up option to tag launched opponents a short distance away.
  • (Overdrive) Connecting with this launches your opponent, making it a breeze to get the combo party started. It’ll also whip up an air current, just like Whirlwind Shot.

Arabian Skyhigh

  • Performing a spinning kick in mid-air that creates an air current that you then use to perform a mid-air jump. It’s possible to perform jump attacks after the mid-air jump.
  • This move lets you change up your timing mid-air on jump-ins, throwing off your opponent’s game. You can also use it to cook up some aerial combos.
    • The timing and distance of the mid-air jump will change depending on the strength of the button used, but once you get the hang of that there’ll be no stopping you.
    • (Overdrive) You’ll move much faster out of this one, so it should be easier to use. Land it and the follow-up will smash your opponent into the ground, setting you up with an advantage.
  • If you miss, or your opponent blocks it, don’t forget you can press backward to clip the distance of the jump down so you won’t fly as far.

Street Fighter 6 – Rashid – Super Art Moves

Super Rashid Kick (1 Meter)

  • Offload a devastating kick while soaring forward and up through the air. Landing the initial hit on a grounded opponent will increase the move’s damage.
  • You can’t go wrong with this as a combo ender or anti-air move, but using it as a counter-attack or after one of your normal attacks hits is where it shines. Land a clean hit, score more damage, and let ’em know! Sweet, right?

Ysarr (2 Meter)

  • Kick out with both legs to create a large advancing whirlwind. Movements or special moves that make contact with the whirlwind will have their properties changed.
  • You can use the slow-moving whirlwind to cover you, but cancelling into this move at close range can help you pull off some cool attack sequences and combo. How you use this one’s gonna come down to your own personal style.
  • Run gains a speed boost if you pass through the whirlwind, and jumps through it will travel faster and further. The whirlwind can put new twists on how some special moves come out too, all while increasing their damage output.
  • For instance, hit the whirlwind with Arabian Cyclone and you’ll send Ysaar flying right at your opponent like a projectile. If someone’s trying to put space between them and the whirlwind, surprise them with this trick.
  • Get this move down and you’ll really feel like you’re a master of the winds! If you want to freestyle unique sequences, this is the move for you.

Altair (3 Meter)

  • Twirl around and summon a whirlwind that lifts up your opponent, before Rashid barrages them with a series of powerful blows. A versatile move, perfect for combos, reversals, and as a way of dealing with projectiles.
  • This epic move requires a full Super Art gauge, but there are a lot of opportunities to land it, and it’s got style for miles. You won’t want to miss with this though, so use it in response to projectiles, or drop it into a combo.
  • If you’re aiming for the combo route, you could go into it from a special move after connecting with a normal attack, but… I recommend launching your opponent into the air first, and then dropping this on them for a sure hit.

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