Starfield footage leaks, spoilers are in the wild

Starfield spoilers have broken containment – so be wary while browsing online.
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The first 40 minutes of Starfield has seemingly leaked online, with footage now doing the rounds on social media. If you’re somebody looking to jump into the game fresh, it’s best to exercise caution while browsing online, and avoid forums if possible.

The unfortunate fact is that once spoilers escape into the wild, it’s very difficult to put them back in the box – and while Starfield‘s opening doesn’t necessarily spoil the game for players, it’s something many would likely prefer to experience for themselves.

Bethesda is also showcasing portions of these opening hours of Starfield at Gamescom 2023 in a closed theatre demo.

ZeniMax Media is currently in the process of scrubbing the footage from online sources, including YouTube and Twitter, but there are likely stray clips doing the rounds in smaller social media circles, so be wary going forward.

The source of the leaks is currently unknown, but the footage has likely arrived courtesy of an early reviewer for the game. Review code for Starfield was distributed earlier in August 2023, with a strong two-week lead time ahead of the review embargo of 1 September 2023. This is fairly rare for new game releases, which are typically made available to reviewers either a week, or a few days, ahead of launch.

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While this approach allows for more measured, thoughtful reviews and launch-day content from publications and content creators, an unfortunate side effect is that early leaks are a risk. Every person who received a code is subject to non-disclosure agreements and embargo requirements, but it appears these may have been circumvented with the posting of the footage.

Whatever the case, it’s pertinent to know that the Starfield footage currently doing the rounds is legitimate, and that it contains early-game details that players should be able to discover for themselves. It should go without saying, but if you spot these spoilers in the wild, it’s best to avoid spreading them.

Beyond being a thoughtful move for those keen to play the game, it’s important to note ZeniMax Media is on the case, and has the right to nuke content. Stay safe out there – and sit tight for more information on Starfield.

With the game launching for PC and Xbox Series X/S on 6 September 2023 – and 1 September 2023 via early access – there’s not long to wait for your own hands-on Starfield adventure.

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