Star Wars Eclipse reportedly targeting 2026 release

Fans looking forward to Star Wars Eclipse will have to stay patient for longer than expected.
Star Wars Eclipse story new race zaraan

Star Wars Eclipse, the upcoming narrative-focused action-adventure game from Quantic Dream, is reportedly still several years away, with developers allegedly targeting a far-off 2026 release date. This reveal comes courtesy of Insider Gaming, which has reportedly spoken to a reliable source who previously revealed the purchase of Quantic Dream by NetEase.

Per Insider Gaming, this source confirmed allegations that Quantic Dream is struggling to hire staff following a tumultuous few years at the studio. Employees at Quantic Dream were previously alleged to have stoked a toxic workplace, complete with crunch and harassment issues – accusations which led to legal battles for the studio.

Compounding the reported delay for Star Wars Eclipse is the scope of the project, according to sources. This vision for the adventure, which will chart multiple planets and characters, is reportedly so large that even 2026 could be an ambitious timeline.

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For now, those looking forward to seeing how Quantic Dream transforms the Star Wars universe will have to wait patiently for more news. While early cinematic trailers have provided reasons to get excited, the alleged timeline for development may put a dampener on things.

At the very least, there are plenty of other Star Wars games that’ll likely fill the game before Quantic Dream is ready to share more.

The next major blockbuster for the franchise – Star Wars Outlaws – is coming from Ubisoft, and it’s targeting a 2024 launch. During Ubisoft Forward 2023, we spoke to developers about how the game will spotlight its protagonist, Kay Vess, and what it’s likely to reimagine Star Wars as long-time fans.

There are also a number of other games on the way, including the Skydance New Media Star Wars adventure, a likely sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, a Knights of the Old Republic remake, and numerous other projects. At this stage, it’s possible we see multiple new Star Wars games before Quantic Dream makes its big move.

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