Sea of Thieves gets second Monkey Island Tall Tale in August 2023

The Quest for Guybrush will continue the plot threads of The Journey to Mêlée Island.
sea of thieves monkey island tall tale episode 2

Sea of Thieves is officially returning to the world of Monkey Island, with the second instalment of its crossover Tall Tales arriving on 31 August 2023. The upcoming chapter, titled The Quest for Guybrush, will continue directly on from the events of The Journey to Mêlée Island, which allowed players to visit the titular island, and solve an array of environmental puzzles to take part in a ‘meet and greet’ with legendary pirate, Guybrush Threepwood.

At the end of the chapter – and spoiler alert for those yet to dive in – a horde of ghost pirates descended on Mêlée Island, intent on attacking Guybrush at the direction of the evil Captain LeChuck. While LeChuck only made a cameo appearance in this first chapter, he’s likely to play a much larger role in the next phase of the Monkey Island crossover.

It’s also likely – given the events of the first chapter, and the title of this upcoming release – that players will work towards solving the mystery of Guybrush’s enchantment in the latest Tall Tale. As players discovered in the closing moments of The Journey to Mêlée Island, Guybrush appears to be trapped in a sort of magical dream – one he’ll likely need rescuing from.

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So far, developer Rare has not revealed exactly what to expect from the next phase of Sea of Thieves: The Legend of Monkey Island, but if the latest Tall Tale is anything like its predecessor, fans of the franchise should keep an eye on its release.

In the GamesHub review of the initial crossover chapter, we called The Journey to Mêlée Island a fascinating, Disneyland-like ride through Monkey Island history: ‘As a Monkey Island die-hard, it’s really difficult not to take your first steps on the Sea of Thieves recreation of Melee Island and feel something flutter inside you … Completing the quest chain is a nice, mild brain massage, and seeing every inch of Melee Island in a new light is very entertaining.’

The Quest for Guybrush is set to expand this crossover with new puzzles and quests, and likely plenty of callbacks to the iconic Monkey Island series. It’s set to launch on 31 August 2023, and will be followed by one additional chapter in September.

Anyone who has purchased Sea of Thieves, or has access to the game via Xbox Game Pass, is able to download and play the adventure for no additional cost.

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