Remedy provides major updates for Control 2, Max Payne remasters

Remedy Entertainment has revealed more about its future plans in a new financial report.
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Remedy Entertainment, the studio behind blockbuster hits like Alan Wake 2, Control, Quantum Break and Max Payne, has revealed more about its future plans in its financial report for Q3 2023. Amidst various statistics revealing a slight downturn in revenue and operating profit, Remedy revealed development work on multiple upcoming projects is going full steam ahead.

Control 2 was one of the first major projects mentioned in the report, with this project currently in “proof-of-concept stage” and likely several years away. “The plans for this sequel are ambitious, and we have seen good progress both in the designs and in the game build,” Remedy said. “We will continue at this stage for the next few quarters. We focus on proving the identified key elements before moving to the next stage and scaling up the team.”

The Max Payne 1&2 Remake appears to be the furthest ahead in development, with this game likely set to be the next major release from the studio. Per details shared by Remedy, the game is currently in the “production readiness stage” with clarity for style and scope fairly well-developed. The studio has enthused about this project, and its potential future success.

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Alongside these games, Remedy is also developing two spin-offs set within its Remedy Connected Universe (RCU) – Condor, which is a co-op multiplayer game, and Codename Vanguard, which has previously been described as a free-to-play co-operative PvE shooter.

Condor is reportedly also in the “production readiness stage”, having recently transitioned out of proof-of-concept. “We have acquired valuable insights into developing service-based games and are now in a better position to create a game players can engage with for years,” Remedy said.

Meanwhile, Codename Vanguard is slightly less advanced. Remedy is currently “defining the next stages of the project” with its publishing partner. It aims to push the game towards proof-of-concept stage by the end of 2023.

Per Remedy, the reduction of work on Alan Wake 2 will allow these projects to progress more rapidly, with additional talent aiding the growth of each upcoming project. While some developers will remain on Alan Wake 2, working on two major game expansions and overall enhancements, the studio is now able to focus on its “multi-project model” going forward.

We’re likely to hear more about these four in-development games over the coming months, as Remedy continues to progress its ideas.

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