New Red Dead Redemption logo inspires remaster talks

Red Dead Redemption was also seemingly re-rated in Korea in June 2022.
red dead redemption sequel

A new logo for Red Dead Redemption has recently been uploaded to the Rockstar Games website, sparking talks about a potentially unannounced remaster for the beloved game. The upload is essentially a crisp version of the original game’s logo – but one Twitter user has alleged that it arrives alongside new website data that may hint at an upgraded version of the game.

‘Rockstar’s new site update, live an hour ago, added a new reference within the games list,’ reporter @TezFunz2 claimed. The listing reportedly refers to a game known as ‘Red Dead Redemption (Rockstar Presents Ver)’ with the codename ‘RDR1RSP’.

While this alone wouldn’t be seen as anything groundbreaking, many have noted that Red Dead Redemption was recently re-rated by the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea. Per reporting from Gematsu, a new rating for the game was published on 15 June 2023, with seemingly little indication about why.

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Given the continued popularity of the award-winning Red Dead Redemption 2, a return for the original game and a chance to revisit the past makes sense – but so far, Rockstar Games has kept tight-lipped about its plans.

In fact, in mid-2022 it was reported that Rockstar Games had actually cancelled an in-development Red Dead Redemption remaster, due to the backlash against the GTA Trilogy remaster that launched with an unfortunate array of technical issues.

At the time, a Red Dead remaster was allegedly in development, but nixed before it could take shape.

At this stage, it’s unclear whether Rockstar has chosen to revisit this idea, or whether a refreshed logo upload and Korean game rating is just a matter of tidying up. For now, rumours are rife – but until Rockstar Games makes an official comment, the Red Dead Redemption remaster hints will likely remain a mystery.

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