Screen Queensland announces $5 million boost for games industry

Queensland is looking to become a national leader in Australian game development.
capes screen queensland boost games funding

Screen Queensland has announced an AU $5 million boost for games funding in Queensland, with new support provided by the Palaszczuk Government. Over the 2023 to 2024 period, eligible game developers will be able to apply for funding and support via Screen Queensland’s enhanced Digital Games Incentive (DGI), Games Grants, and the organisation’s Games Residency program.

These initiatives have been supported by the Palaszczuk Government via an AU $2 million dedicated funding investment, while an addition AU $3 million is being provided directly by Screen Queensland, in an effort to support local developers.

According to Screen Queensland, the investment will enable the state to “harness the economics, industry and employment benefits of Queensland’s rapidly expanding digital games sector” which saw an 11% spike in full-time jobs growth in 2022. Around 300 new jobs were created in this period, contributing to an Australian games industry worth more than AU $284 million.

In investing further in the games industry, Screen Queensland is looking to strengthen the state’s position as a leader in the market. With around half of all game jobs created in 2022 being located in Queensland, it’s well on the way to this goal.

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“The Palaszczuk Government’s investment is helping to ensure Queensland becomes a driving force in the Australian digital games industry, by providing competitive incentives and programs to support our specialist local talent pool,” Bart Mellish, Assistant Minister to the Premier said in a press release.

“Our government is proud to further invest in games development and it’s clear our 15 per cent Digital Games Incentive is a game-changer, prompting unprecedented growth for the sector in Queensland. This trajectory of growth of the industry in Queensland shows just how valuable this investment is.”

Screen Queensland CEO Jacqui Feeney has expressed similar hope for the future, highlighting the sheer talent in Queenland’s games industry, and detailing how this funding injection will aid growth in the long-term.

“Queensland is home to some of the world’s most talented and imaginative games developers, and Screen Queensland is proud to support them,” Feeney said. “Our funding supports creative Queenslanders to develop digital games that intrigue and entertain fans across the globe – bringing the benefits of a multi-billion dollar industry into our state, while contributing to our reputation as a leading hub for innovation and technical advancement.”

In the 2022 to 2023 period, Screen Queensland supported a range of local video game projects, in all stages of development, including: Gameloft Brisbane’s The Oregon Trail, Tantalus North’s Cities: Skylines – Remastered, and new works from MAXART, Luke Muscat, Half Sun Studios, Chinfinger, Lemon Jolly, and more. In future, it’s expected the new round of funding for 2023-2024 will have similar benefits for emerging and established developers in Queensland.

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