Six new PSVR2 games announced, including Fantavision sequel

PlayStation has announced 6 new games coming to the PS VR2 headset, which includes an unexpected sequel to a PlayStation 2 launch title.
PSVR2 PlayStation VR2 game Kizuna Ai

A sequel to the puzzle game that launched with the PlayStation 2 (PS2), Fantavision, is one of the surprise new titles to be announced for the PSVR2 headset. In a PlayStation Blog post, the company detailed six new games in development for the upcoming virtual reality device, all of which are being developed by Japanese studios.

Fantasvision 20XX is the most notable inclusion. It’s the sequel to a puzzle game developed by Sony’s internal Japan Studio team that revolves around fireworks. Released for the PS2 in 2000, it was originally a bit of a technical demo that showed off the PS2’s capabilities to render nice-looking particle effects. The sequel looks to be doing the same thing to promote the headset’s new high-definition display – it’ll surround the user in an exciting array of light and colour. It’s being developed by studio Cosmo Machia.


Here are the other PSVR2 titles announced by Sony:

  • Altair Breaker, a co-operative multiplayer sword-fighting action game that aims to replicate the exciting melee combo systems of character action games like Devil May Cry and Bayonetta in VR format.
  • The Tale of Onogoro, a c-ooperative puzzle adventure game where you manipulate objects in the environment, set in a world inspired by Japanese mythology (with a few with steampunk elements mixed in).
  • Kizuna AI – Touch the Beat!, a rhythm action game that revolves around the songs of the real-world virtual YouTuber, Kizuna AI. The game will be playable on PSVR2, the original PS VR headset, as well as in a traditional, flat-screen experience with your PS4 or PS5.
  • Dyschronica: Chronos Alternate is a cinematic narrative experience and detective mystery game. It revolves around the core mechanic of being able to relive the memories of people by touching objects, and altering the present by manipulating the past.
  • X8 is a meta-referential, 5v5 first-person multiplayer tactical shooter where you’ll play various heroes that have been pulled from different kinds of action games. The conceit allows for each character to have a wildly different style of play, with unique weapons and special abilities.

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In other PlayStation VR2 news, the retail price for the upcoming device was recently detailed. It will cost US $549.99 / AU $879.95 for the unit itself, and US $599.99 / AU $959.95 in a bundle package that includes the launch title, Horizon: Call of the Mountain.

PlayStation VR 2 will be available on 22 Feburary 2023.

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