PlayStation VR2 launches in February 2023 at a hefty price

Here's when you can expect the PlayStation VR2 to launch, and the whopping price tag.
playstation vr2 release date price

Sony has officially confirmed the price and release date of the upcoming PlayStation VR2, the next generation of console VR devices. After a long wait, the company has locked in 22 February 2023 as the date for launch, with preorders opening on 15 November 2022. Before you rush out to purchase one, however, you’ll need to be aware there’s a hefty price tag attached.

In Australia, the device will cost a whopping AU $879.95 – this price includes a headset, dual PS VR2 Sense controllers, and stereo headphones.

Around the world, you can expect to pay similar prices. In the United States, it will cost US $549.99, and in Europe and the United Kingdom, it will cost €599.99 / £529.99.

If you’d prefer your headset in a bundle, alongside launch title Horizon Call of the Mountain, you’ll need to fork out AU $959.95 | US $599.99 / €649.99 / £569.99.

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The price is significant, and a big step up from the last generation of PlayStation VR devices. This reflects changes to manufacturing costs, which have increased steeply since the coronavirus pandemic kicked off, as well as the improved technology within the headset.

PlayStation VR2 will feature redesigned controllers with finger touch detection, haptics, adaptive triggers and better tracking, as well as a headset with eye tracking, 3D audio, a 4000×2040 HDDR screen, and a slimmer design. Those keen to jump into ‘next gen’ VR games will likely appreciate the improvements – but they do come at a price.

In addition to announcing the launch date of the brand new headset, Sony has also confirmed a range of new games available for the device, alongside previously announced games like Resident Evil Village and Horizon Call of the Mountain.

Every new game announced for PlayStation VR2

Here’s every newly announced game for PlayStation VR2:

  • The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR – This is a horror-themed roller coaster shooter set within the world of The Dark Pictures Anthology. If you’ve ever played a VR carnival ride, you’ll likely know what to expect – shoot clowns, demons and witches from your chair, and try not to get spooked by all the bumps and jolts.
  • Crossfire: Sierra Squad – This is a first-person shooter where you embody the leader of an elite fireteam in the middle of a war. Your task is to protect a top-secret biochemical weapon from being used by an enemy for nefarious purposes.
  • The Light Brigade – In this roguelike adventure, you’ll explore a ‘moody mystery’ amongst a ruined world, and enlist in the Light Brigade – a team journeying through the Sunken World to recover memories and defeat strange beasts.
  • Cities VR – Enhanced Edition – This PlayStation VR2 adaptation of Cities: Skylines will let you build and manage a thriving city by managing roads, finances, and citizens. You’ll exist in this game’s world as a benevolent god, making changes as you see fit.
  • Cosmonius High – This single player adventure from Owlchemy Labs (Job Simulator, Vacation Simulator) sends you on a trip to a strange school populated by a range of colourful and fun creatures.
  • Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue – This PlayStation VR2 adaptation of Hello Neighbor will send players back to Mr Peterson’s terrifying house, on a quest to rescue friends from its basement, and avoid the man himself.
  • Jurassic World Aftermath Collection – This collection is a tie-in to the Jurassic World films, and features players exploring Isla Nublar and a strange, abandoned research facility. Notably, Jeff Goldblum reprises his role as Ian Malcolm in this adventure.
  • Pistol Whip VR – If you’ve ever wanted to show off your rapid-fire gun skills, then Pistol Whip VR is the game for you. This enhanced version of the original game will include realistic haptics, and a refreshed dreamscape world to explore.
  • Zenith: The Last City – This is an updated version of the original Zenith, with new worlds to explore, an ‘epic’ storyline, more creatures to catch, and a major graphical update that will bring this exploration game to life. It’s a launch title for PlayStation VR2.
  • After The Fall – In this post-apocalyptic adventure, you’ll play as a survivor working to take down hordes of mutants and other bosses in a terrifying world. This is a co-op shooter, so you should be able to team up with mates when it launches in 2023.
  • Tentacular – This is described as a ‘charming VR game about a gigantic but good-hearted tentacled beast trying to figure out its place in the world’ – and that’s an excellent pitch, really. In this adventure, you’ll be able to solve a variety of puzzles, and work your way through an intriguing, slapstick story. Tentacular will be available for preorder on 15 November.

To find out more about these titles and the upcoming launch of the PlayStation VR2, head to the PlayStation Blog.

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