New PS5 firmware update introduces folders, 1440p support

The latest PS5 firmware update has introduced new compatibility for a range of features.
ps5 console firmware

A brand new PS5 firmware update has introduced a range of handy features, many of which fans will likely be very happy to see. The focus of the update is on visual and organisational improvements, but there are also new social features that’ll keep everyone gaming together.

The first major improvement is to visual support. Following the latest firmware update, 1440p HDMI video output will be directly supported for those with compatible monitors or TVs. You’ll be able to render in native 1440p as long as the game allows it, or push down your visuals on a 4K screen.

You’ll be able to check if your monitor is compatible with 1440p settings via the PS5’s ‘Screen and Video’ menu.

‘Gamelists’ are also new in this update. These are special folders you can create to organise your game library. Up to 15 gamelists can be created at once, with games able to feature in multiple lists. These can be up to 100 games strong, although this upper limit is unlikely to be tested given the storage capacity of the PS5 (even with an external drive).

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If you’re somebody who likes to keep their digital goods organised, the gamelists should certainly come in handy regardless.

Beyond these headliner features, the latest PS5 firmware update has also introduced tweaks to 3D and stereo audio, which can be compared for better results, easier access to in-progress activities via an improved menu system, and improvements to social play.

Going forward, you’ll be able to easily request Screen Share from your friends and party members to watch gameplay, and you’ll also be able to join groups much easier with special, streamlined notifications. In addition, stickers and voice messages can now be sent in the Game Base menu.

You can find out more about the latest PS5 firmware update via the PlayStation Blog.

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