New, lighter PS5 has been completely redesigned

A teardown of the new CFI-1200 model has revealed updates to several console components.
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The brand new, lighter PS5 CFI-1200 model that recently launched in Australia and other regions appears to have new internal hardware, according to a console teardown by YouTuber Austin Evans. In a new video, Evans opened up the CFI-1200 for a look inside, and discovered ‘surprisingly different’ internals, including a brand new motherboard that is significantly smaller than its predecessor.

Evans also noted the lighter PS5 has a brand new heatsink with an improved heat pipe, as well as a better-shielded SSD enclosure. When the console was first discovered via Australian site Press Start, it was revealed that the console was around 300 grams lighter than its predecessor – and now, we know why.

The new motherboard and heatsink have significantly reduced the weight of the console, and while it does require extra plastic to better support the new internal array, this doesn’t appear to have added any bulk weight overall.

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According to Evans, the new PS5 model is actually better for its improvements, drawing less energy, while maintaining the same impressive level of performance. The only caveat is that it’s reportedly harder to dismantle the CFI-1200 model, with more components hidden behind the heatsink.

This won’t be much of an issue for your average PS5 player, but it’s worth noting for anyone who loves a bit of tinkering.

The CFI-1200 model is expected to become the dominant PS5 model in the coming months, with stock at local Australian stores like EB Games and JB Hi-Fi already being taken over. This lighter PS5 model will cost an additional AU $50 due to the inflation-inspired global price rise but at least you’ll be getting more bang for your buck if you manage to grab one of the new units.

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