Pokemon and Baccarat celebrate franchise with $34K diamond Pikachu

The diamond Pikachu will be limited to 25 exclusive pieces.
pokemon pikachu crystal

Pokemon is currently celebrating 25 years, a milestone worthy of praise. For more than two decades, the brand has entertained children around the world with countless hours of gaming, anime and films. While much of this year’s celebrations have focused on in-game items or inclusive events like Post Malone’s virtual Pokemon concert, the latest celebration is a bit more exclusive.

The International Pokemon Company has teamed up with French crystal maker Baccarat to release a diamond Pikachu, which retails for US $26,000 (AUD $33,893). The crystal is limited to just 25 pieces in the world and is only available at select stores.

It really is a thing of beauty, and it shines with clear, polygonal glory. That said, it’s hardly the sort of celebratory gift the average gamer could afford.

Image: Baccarat

To that end, there’s better news.

Alongside the stunning $34K Pikachu, Pokemon and Baccarat are also releasing a somewhat more affordable line of crystal Pokemon collectibles.

If $34,000 is a bit out of your price range, you’ll be glad to know a smaller crystal Pikachu figurine and a crystal Poke Ball are now available for US $440 ($596) and US $410 ($556) respectively. They’ll be sold online and in Baccarat stores (which appear to be very rare in Australia).

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As of writing, they are in stock but be aware other outlets have reported both items selling out and being restocked over the last few hours.

Image: Baccarat

All the crystals are very expensive ways to celebrate one of gaming’s most enduring titles, but for the right person, they could be a lovely gift. Affordable or not, there’s certainly a market for these unique collectables.

If you have your eye on the $34,000 Pikachu you might want to get in quick — you’ll need to contact Baccarat directly to secure an order. The more affordable (and arguably cuter) crystals will be available for everyone, but they’re just as likely to sell out over the next few days.

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