PlayStation Portal: Australian Release Date, Price, and Pre-Orders

The PlayStation Portal has been priced and dated for release in Australia.
playstation portal handheld gaming console

Sony has officially confirmed the PlayStation Portal handheld streaming device is coming to Australia from 2 February 2024, with preorders now open for those keen to secure a unit. While slightly delayed from the rest of the world, it’s still great to see the Portal launching locally – particularly given the reluctance of other companies to release their handheld devices in the country.

When the PlayStation Portal releases in Australia, it will be priced at AUD $329.95, with preorders now live at the following retail stores:

As announced, the PlayStation Portal is a slightly different handheld gaming console. Unlike the recently-released Asus ROG Ally or the upcoming Lenovo Legion Go, it does not allow native game playing and is not (technically) a miniature PC.

Rather, it allows for remote game streaming from a PS5 console. You will need a strong internet connection to stream games to the device – at least 5Mbps minimum, and 15Mbps for a “better play experience” – so keep that in mind if you’ve got your eye on it.

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If your internet connection is up to scratch, you’ll be able to enjoy PS5 games played remotely, on a wide 8-inch LCD screen capable of 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second. As revealed in pack shots, the Portal is heavily inspired by the base PS5 DualSense controllers, so the experience of playing games on the device should feel fairly familiar.

According to early impressions of the device’s build, it’s also a fairly comfortable device. Kotaku described the controller as weird-looking, but “awfully nice” in its preview, with a light weight and easy grips reportedly making it a worthy gaming companion. While impressions of its gameplay, screen, and battery life remain embargoed, we’re set to hear more about the device this week. That should give those in Australia plenty of time to decide whether it’s worth putting down a preorder.

Stay tuned to hear more about the PlayStation Portal.

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