Every game featured in the PlayStation Indies showcase for February 2023

PlayStation has highlighted a range of upcoming indie games in a new showcase blog.
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Not to be outdone by the February 2023 Nintendo Direct, the latest PlayStation Indies showcase blog has revealed updates and news for a range of upcoming indie games set to hit PlayStation consoles in future. While not as flashy as the Nintendo Direct, the PlayStation Indies blogs are a great way to learn more about intriguing, creative games from a range of global creators.

Here’s every game featured in the latest showcase.

Eternights spotlights love in the post-apocalypse

As part the latest PlayStation Indies blog, Eternights developer Jae Yoo of Studio Sai discussed the game’s blend of dating and danger. As previously detailed, the action takes place in a strange post-apocalypse – but that doesn’t stop the game’s main cast from really getting to know each other between intense battles.

‘Since our June 2022 reveal, we’ve made a plethora of updates to Eternights … The most important aspect we focused on was enhancing the overall gameplay flow and immersion, so players can truly lose themselves in the characters and story of the game,’ Yoo announced. ‘We want people to feel like they are living in the game world and experiencing the story for themselves.’

To that end, the team has made a raft of improvements to the game’s UI, environment, combat, and its many dungeons. As a result, it appears the game’s release has slipped into Summer 2023 [Northern Hemisphere]. Read more on the PlayStation Blog.

Animal Well is a game about mystery, exploration, and animals

A new trailer for upcoming indie Animal Well was shown off in the latest PlayStation Indies blog. This title is the first to be published by Bigmode, the label founded by YouTuber, Dunkey. In it, players will wander a pixellated natural world populated by mysterious creatures, using platforming tricks to overcome obstacles that include capybaras and floating ghost cats. There’s a real sense of latent horror in this game, and it makes the adventure all the more intriguing.

According to sole developer Billy Basso, the game was inspired by a desire to fully understand what games are – and how they function.

Animal Well is my attempt to fully understand what it takes to make a game from start to finish: from a flashing cursor in a blank IDE window to a complete game,’ Basso said. ‘I also made the task extra challenging for myself by forgoing the use of any middleware or off-the-shelf engines.’ You can find out more about Animal Well on the PlayStation Blog.

Pacific Drive is a survival game based in a car

Pacific Drive, the upcoming title from Ironwood Studios, is putting a new twist on the survival genre. As revealed in a new trailer for the game, you’ll spend your time in this world wandering a semi-rural wilderness with only roads to guide you on your path.

‘Life inside the wall is extremely dangerous, you’ll have to rely on a trusty station wagon when you venture out from the old auto shop. Be sure to fill up on gas before you head out on each trip into the Zone: letting your tank run dry out there is a good way to meet a bad end,’ Blake Dove of Ironwood Studios explained.

‘Explore twisted landscapes and long-abandoned facilities as you scrap and scrounge for resources to keep your car running long enough to make a safe return. Make it back in one piece and use your haul of collected materials to repair and upgrade your wagon before you head back out for more.’

In your path, you’ll also experience strange ‘Anomalies’ which will hinder your progress along your car-bound journey. You can find out more about Pacific Drive on the PlayStation Blog.

PixelJunk Scrappers Deluxe hits PlayStation in 2023

As announced during the PlayStation Indies showcase, PixelJunk is back, in the form of PixelJunk Scrappers Deluxe, a new party brawler coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. In this frantic action-based game, you’ll work towards cleaning up Junktown by picking up trash, stacking it, and throwing it into an awaiting garbage can. Progress won’t be easy though, as you’ll be besieged by enemy robots in your quest.

‘We set out to create a fun gameplay fusion that’s easy to pick up and play, yet challenging to master,’ Dylan Cuthbert of Q-Games said. ‘It takes serious skills to overcome the baddest of trash bots in PixelJunk Scrappers Deluxe. You can choose to play with help from our AI helper bot, S.C.R.A.P., or share the fun with up to four players locally or online with cross-platform play.’

‘As you progress, you’ll scrap with giant enemies, stack garbage sky-high, and trash-talk your friends along the way. From collaborative missions to head-to-head challenges, mini-games to boss battles, no two trips to Junktown are ever the same. There’s also a ton of weapons to discover, a wide roster of Scrappers to recruit, and over 100 unique truck parts to unlock.’

You can read more about this announcement on the PlayStation Blog.

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