PlayStation Access controller launches in December 2023

The PlayStation Access controller aims to provide customisation and accessibility for all players.
playstation access controller

The customisable PlayStation Access controller for PS5 will officially launch on 6 December 2023. The device has been in development for several years, with developer Sony aiming to make it extremely accessible for players of all ability levels.

‘For the past five years, we’ve been on a journey with accessibility organisations and experts to create a versatile controller kit that enables gamers with disabilities to play more comfortably and for longer periods, empowering more players to share in the joy of gaming,’ Isabelle Tomatis, Vice President of Brand, Hardware, and Peripherals at Sony Interactive Entertainment said of the device.

With customisable and swappable stick caps and buttons in a number of different shapes, the Access controller allows players to manipulate controls to suit their needs. Up to two Access controllers can be used at once, paired up to a PlayStation 5 controller for easy accessibility.

The controller is also compatible with third-party accessories, allowing players to input any additional controls for comfort and ease of use.

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The controller can be easily customised and reprogrammed via a PlayStation 5 console, with 30 profile slots available to save stick settings and toggle commands. You can see some of this functionality in the new ‘Features’ trailer for the device.

PlayStation Access controller: Global prices

When the PlayStation Access controller hits retail, it will be priced at:

  • AUD $139.95 in Australia
  • USD $89.99 in the United States
  • CAD $119.99 in Canada
  • ¥12,980 in Japan
  • €89.99 in Europe
  • £79.99 in the United Kingdom

Preorders launch on 21 July 2023 around the world, with the controller being available at most game retail stores and online. While there should be ample stock for those who need it, able-bodied folks considering the purchase may want to hold off to ensure those with higher needs can obtain the Access controller first.

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