Plaion will drop Deep Silver, Prime Matter, and Ravenscourt labels

Plaion will reportedly drop its individual publishing labels for a merged brand going forward.
dead island 2 game

Plaion, the Embracer-owned publishing house formerly known as Koch Media, will reportedly drop a number of its publishing labels, including Deep Silver, Prime Matter, and Ravenscourt, in an effort to streamline the company going forward.

Practically, it appears this decision will result in the majority of the company’s games being published under the broad Plaion banner – which was introduced in 2022 amidst a major rebrand. Since then, the company has released a number of projects under its segmented labels, including Dead Island 2 (Deep Silver), Saints Row (Deep Silver), Floodland (Ravenscourt), Gungrave G.OR.E. (Prime Matter), and Scars Above (Prime Matter).

Prime Matter itself is a very new label, having only been established in 2021.

Regardless of this tenure, and the name value of a publisher like Deep Silver, which was established way back in 2002, it appears Plaion is looking to start fresh with a singular publisher label. This streamlining process is expected to take several months – or even ‘over the next couple of years’ as select titles will still be published by Plaion subsidiaries, based on existing development deals.

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According to a Plaion representative, who contacted following a screenshot leak of plans to merge publishing labels, the move has been made as part of ‘simplifying [the company’s] publishing operations’.

Around five or six jobs are expected to be impacted.

The incoming change will reportedly allow a company realignment to focus on new pillars: Games Portfolio and Business, Publishing Services, Global Sales & Marketing, and Distribution Partnership. Sources speaking to believe the company’s directive will shift towards producing fewer, but higher quality titles.

We can expect to see these changes reflected in future titles published under Plaion over the coming months.

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