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Persona 3 and Jet Set Radio remakes are reportedly in the works

Persona 3 and Jet Set Radio remakes have appeared in a video allegedly leaked from Sega and Atlus.
jet set radio persona 3 remakes

Leaked video footage allegedly from Sega and Atlus, published to Twitter by user @AVtoGAMEnoYAMI, has seemingly revealed the existence of major remakes for beloved games, Persona 3 and Jet Set Radio. The footage appears to be part of an internal flash reel, and briefly shows off clips from both unannounced remakes, alongside snippets from Sonic Frontiers.

While Sonic Frontiers has already been released, neither remake has even been announced, leading many to speculate about the origins of the footage, and when it was put together. The leak and its source have also been called into question in online forums, with some speculating that the footage could be fake.

The details included in the brief Persona 3 snippet suggest otherwise. The combat-focussed glimpse of this rumoured game features playable character Yukari Takeba unleashing moves aided by her Persona, Io, and firing a spirit arrow. The footage is flashy and crisp, and exceeds the typical bounds expected in a fan-made creation. While its legitimacy is still unconfirmed, it does appear to be of a professional standard.

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In addition to the leaked footage, it’s also worth considering that a remake of the beloved role-playing game has long been rumoured, and reported on by industry leakers. Reliable industry source Gematsu recently claimed that a Persona 3 remake has been in development at Atlus for ‘several years’.

So far, this supposed, leaked footage is the surest indication that something big is in the works.

The footage of an alleged Jet Set Radio remake tacked onto the end of the flash reel has come under similar scrutiny – although, like Persona 3, it has grounds to be considered legitimate. As recently as April 2022, Bloomberg reported that an official Jet Set Radio remake was in development, as part of Sega’s ‘Super Game’ push.

Should this footage belong to the upcoming project, there’s plenty to get excited about. The video shared online features a bright, pop art-style world, and game protagonist Beat doing a funky dance in the streets of Shibuya. It’s lively, energetic, and looks to be a bright revival of the cult hit graffiti action game. According to Polygon, this footage matches official artwork supposedly shared by Sega in a recent survey.

At this stage, neither remake has been officially confirmed to exist, but given the evidence around the leaked footage, it would be fair to assume Sega and Atlus are on the cusp of major reveals. We’ll have to stay tuned to hear more about these projects, should they eventuate in the near future.

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