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PC Gaming Show 2024: Every major game announcement

Here's all the biggest announcements from the PC Gaming Show 2024.
citizen sleeper 2 pc gaming show 2024

Closely following the Xbox Games Showcase 2024 and the Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 Direct, the PC Gaming Show 2024 kicked off with its own massive smorgasbord of game reveals and announcements. As in past years, there was plenty on show, with an array of exciting trailers for new and upcoming PC games, from studios of all sizes.

Here’s all the major game announcements from the PC Gaming Show 2024.

PC Gaming Show 2024: News Roundup

Among the Wild started the PC Gaming Show 2024

The first trailer of the PC Gaming Show 2024 was for Among the Wild, a new game from Nuggets Entertainment that features blobby little creatures roaming an idyllic field. In this adventure, you are corralling an array of creatures, collecting resources, and carving out a cosy homestead.

Star Birds is a cutesy planet sim

The next game, from the creators of Dorfromantik, is all about “connecting stuff to other stuff” in a world of tiny planets that come in all sizes. This game is Star Birds, and it’s coming in 2025.

Lorn Vale is a post-apocalyptic survival game

Following this was a trailer for Lorn Vale, a new post-apocalyptic survival-adventure game set in a barren universe of sand and monsters. In this game, you will wield magic and weapons, fighting to keep yourself alive against all odds.

Ale Abbey is an “ale-chemy” beer brewing game

In Ale Abbey, you are making ale in a monastery by brewing ingredients together, and experimenting with your mixes to create the perfect combo. Ale Abbey launches in 2024.

This was followed by a trailer for Streets of Rogue 2, a survival crafting game where you’ll collect and craft items, while also trying to protect yourself from roving hordes of mutated creatures and goons. The game launches in early access on 14 August 2024.

A new trailer for Wander Stars also popped up in the PC Gaming Show 2024, with this one featuring combat gameplay, and the game’s wonderful Akira Toriyama-inspired animated cutscenes. If you’re a fan of classic 1990s anime, or just novel adventures, Wander Stars is certainly a game to watch.

In this lot of trailers, Southfield also popped up. This is a goofy physics game all about crafting and building in a colourful, cartoonish world filled with weird little creatures, fruits, and bugs. It launches in early access on 24 June 2024.

Steel Seed, a future-set adventure game, also popped in with a short trailer.

Fallen Aces‘ first episode launches in June 2024

Fallen Aces, a very cool-looking cartoon-noir game where you run around beating people hand-to-hand or with weapons, also appeared during the PC Gaming Show 2024. The first episode of this game drops on 14 June 2024.

Stormgate gets a new trailer

Throwback “Blizzard-style” RTS game Stormgate got a new trailer during the PC Gaming Show 2024. This trailer showed off plenty of intense top-down battles, as well as a fresh look at the Celestial Armada race, which is described as ancient and powerful. The Celestials are able to build helpful structures across the Stormgate map, giving players “a bunch of options, and a bunch of flexibility” in gameplay.

Early access to Stormgate opens on 30 July 2024.

Mars Tactics is a turn-based tactics game hinged on strategy

Mars Tactics is a turn-based tactics game where you choose between labour and capital, and then build up your armies and resources to preference one side or the other. In your fights, you’ll take on humans and mechs, and wield various heavy weapons to determine who wins. Mars Tactics is coming soon.

Toads of the Bayou was also announced in this segment. It’s a turn-based tactics game based on a grid, where you must “cleanse and defend” your bayou territory by playing cards, and upgrading / synergising them. It launches in October 2024.

Sumerian Six lets you kill Nazis with magic and tech

Sumerian Six was revealed at the PC Gaming Show 2024. This is a tactical combat game starring a group of rogues with magical abilities, who must take on Nazis in intense battles. One of the main party companions is a werebear, which is fantastic. Sumerian Six is arriving in 2024, and a demo is available now.

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All Systems Dance lets you dance to save the world

Mighty Yell’s dance battle adventure All Systems Dance also turned up at the PC Gaming Show 2024 after a showing at Future of Play Direct 2024. In this game, you are wielding the power of dance to take down an evil corporation looking to control the freedom and creativity of a cloistered populace.

Fumes lets you transport packages through a Mad Max-like wasteland

In Fumes, you are customising your very own dune buggy to drive through dusty planes in a Mad Max-like post-apocalyptic world of road battles.

This was followed by a surreal trailer for Sulfur, revealing new weapons are coming to the game’s demo shortly, thanks to the sheer amount of players still hopping in for trial rounds of gameplay.

Phantom Line was up next. In this game, you are a soldier of a sort investigating “blue and red activity” taking place on a war-torn map populated by strange, transportive anomalies. There’s shades of Twin Peaks in this one, with one anomaly leading players into a red-curtained room.

Killing Floor 3 continues the Zed-killing action

In Killing Floor 3, you will once again face off against zombie (or “zed”) hordes, wielding weapons to smash faces and break bones. The action of the first two games in the series is very intense, and it appears this upcoming sequel will continue that theme – it’s got fast-paced, hard-hitting battles positivity brimming with tension. Killing Floor 3 launches in early 2025.

Copa City lets you plan and manage a major sporting event

In Copa City, you manage the preparations leading up to a major football game – in the same way that a country may prepare for the Olympics. You’ll need to city-build to accomodate for keen fans attending the show, and ensure safety for those travelling on public transport. For those who love order, this looks like a game that may tickle your fancy. Copa City launches in 2025.

Witch Beam’s Tempopo gets a fresh trailer

The next trailer was for Tempopo, from Australia’s own Witch Beam Games (Unpacking). In this music-themed game, you’ll solve a variety of diorama-like puzzles, guiding blobby Tempopo creatures through nature-filled environs.

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A trailer for Last Moon appeared afterwards. This is a Legend of Zelda-like adventure where you’ll traipse through a magical world of monsters and mysteries.

Xalavier Nelson Jr. was up next, to spread the gospel that wasps are “evil bastards that deserved to be shot.” He also introduced a trailer for I Am Your Beast, where you will wield a shotgun and defeat a range of enemies in fast-paced, frantic battles.

The next trailer in this lot was for Cataclismo, a tower defence game where you’ll attempt to protect your kingdom by placing battle towers and soldiers in exactly the right spots. It launches on 16 July 2024.

This was followed by a trailer for Level Zero: Extraction, a first-person extraction shooter. In this game, you’re taking on various beasties that roam a space station. It’s now available in open beta form.

Battle Aces gets a strategy breakdown

Battle Aces, which turned up in the Future of Play Direct 2024, also appeared during the PC Gaming Show. The developers behind the game spent some time discussing the strategy backing the game’s arena battles, and how you can maximise your movements for devastating attacks. The beta for this game starts in a few weeks.

Citizen Sleeper 2 gets a fresh trailer

Next, Citizen Sleeper 2 turned up. This highly-anticipated sequel follows on from the original game, which became acclaimed on debut in 2022. In Citizen Sleeper 2, you’ve “lost your memory and there’s a bounty on your head” – leading to plenty of harrowing drama as you try to work out who you are, and what you’re supposed to do. Rolling dice will again determine your fate, as you make choices in a winding, multi-path story. Citizen Sleeper 2 is launching in early 2025.

Demonschool launches in September 2024

As announced during the PC Gaming Show, Demonschool is set to launch on 13 September 2024. In this game, you are controlling a band of students exploring a demonic underworld.

This was followed by a trailer for Unrailed 2, a cute voxel art crafting / building game.

A trailer for Space Station 14 turned up next. In this game, you are attempting to survive a hostile space filled with goons and other enemies, wielding various tools to keep yourself alive.

Unbeatable is a rhythm game set in a world of illegal music

The next trailer was for Unbeatable – a coming-of-age music-themed game where you follow the life and times of a band of teenagers. In the game, you’ll run through an anime-style world, completing a variety of rhythm challenges, while learning more about your new friends, and their world. Unbeatable launches in 2025.

This was followed by a brief trailer for Odinfall, a run-and-gun action game where you must shoot your way through hordes of enemies.

Also in this lot was a trailer for Core Keeper (1.0), a dungeon-crawling adventure game. With the game’s full 1.0 release, alongside other features, you’ll soon be able to create and customise worlds to explore.

No More Room in Hell 2 is an 8-player co-op zombie shooter

No More Room in Hell 2 also got a new trailer during the PC Gaming Show 2024. In this shooter, you are able to travel solo or with up to seven other players, in your quest to take on hordes of oozing, fleshy zombies. No More Room in Hell 2 is launching in 2024.

This was followed by a trailer for first-person shooter Striden, which tasks players with surviving harsh battlefields of snow, populated by bears and other threats.

Next up was a snappy highlight reel trailer which went by very fast, but featured DDS2, Incolatus, Inferni: Hope & Fear, and more. In this lot, there was also a trailer for DeathSprint 66, an arcade-style running game where you attempt to beat your opponents by running fast, and using speed-boost tricks.

Crescent County lets you race witch broomsticks

In Crescent County, you’ll enter a world of witches who love racing “motorbrooms.” These vehicles will zoom you to your chosen destination, as you explore a vast, pink-hued world of magic and friendship. In the game, you will be a young witch trying to find her way in a new world. Highlight Reel

Next up, the team showed up to reveal their PC Gaming Show 2024 slate of games:

  • Forgotten Seas – A pirate adventure.
  • Moon Mystery – A moon-traversing mystery.
  • G.I. Joe: Wrath of Cobra – A classic beat-em-up.
  • Everholm – A supernatural adventure starring a young magical girl.
  • Shell Runner – A run-and-gun exploration game.
  • Renaissance Kingdom Wars – A medieval warfare sim.
  • Debtor’s Club – A taxation-themed narrative sim.
  • The Land of the Magnates – A dungeon-crawling platformer.

Cat Quest 3 gets a new trailer

Next, Cat Quest 3 got a new trailer. This upcoming adventure sequel stars a young cat hero on an epic journey from the high seas to the deepest dungeons. Along the way, they’ll take on a range of anthropomorphic creatures in deadly battles. Cat Quest 3 launches on 9 August 2024.

A new trailer for Crush House also turned up. This game puts you in the shoes of a reality TV producer looking to make the “hottest” TV show of the 1990s, while also solving a strange mystery within the show’s Malibu set.

Go-Go Town! launches in June 2024

Next, another Australian-made game! It’s Go-Go Town! from Prideful Sloth! In this game, you are the new mayor of a town that has fallen into financial decline. To save it, you’ll set up new buildings and commerce, and eventually turn your town into a cosy, thriving place. Go-Go Town! arrives in early access on 18 June 2024.

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Following this, a brief trailer for space-faring train sim Star Trucker aired.

Escape from Tarkov is going gold

Next, a trailer for Escape from Tarkov confirmed the “grand daddy” extraction shooter is now heading to its 1.0 release, after being in beta for several years. The upgraded version of the game includes improved graphics, new features, and plenty of reasons to pop back in for more extraction missions.

This announcement was followed by a trailer for tricky-looking platformer Splodey, which requires you to be careful, avoid spikes, and live to survive another day.

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn got another trailer during the PC Gaming Show 2024, following an appearance during the Xbox Games Showcase.

Army shooter 83 also turned up here, with gameplay showing off soldiers hiding out in a leafy forest locale – putting that camouflage to good use – and returning fire in high-tension battles.

Mad game Mullet MadJack also got a trailer. This game is inspired by 1990s anime and the neon vaporwave aesthetic – and it’s available now.

Generation Exile is a city builder focussed on humanity’s future

In Generation Exile, you are helping to guide the last remaining survivors of a human colony, by building them a sustainable, well-designed city to live in. The humans of this tale have escaped from a dying Earth, and land on a new planet with a view to make the most of their new lives.

REKA lets you guide a young witch in her magical journey

In REKA, you are a witch exploring a wild world, collecting ingredients and supplies, and taking them back to her home – where she learns more about the magical world, and the ancient mysteries that surround her. It launches in early access in August 2024.

Next, a trailer for Blue Prince revealed an ultra cool, Cluedo-like mystery game where you explore a cel-shaded mansion in search of tantalising clues.

This was followed by a trailer for Lok Digital, a word-based daily puzzle game.

Also in this lot was a reveal for strategy combat game Tactical Breach Wizards. The game’s combat operates on a grid, and you’ll need to monitor the grid to make the best and most effective attacks. Tactical Breach Wizards launches on 20 August 2024.

Aloft lets you guide a city in the sky

These trailers were followed by a new look at Aloft, a survival game set in the sky, and on land. In Aloft, you will control a warrior looking for a brighter future for their people, questing for goods on the surface of the Earth, and then using those goods to build up a sky-bound city.

Screenbound is a mind-boggling adventure game

In Screenbound, you will explore a world in 3D, while the gaming console in front of you (reminiscent of a Game Boy) mirrors the actions you take, in 2D pixel art. You’ll be looking at the main console screen to control your character, but you’ll also need to pay attention to your 3D world to figure out exactly where to go. It’s an incredibly nifty idea.

Next up, a trailer for Hotel Galactic revealed a world of cosy critters, crafting and cleaning. In this game, you will run your own hotel for wayward travellers, and then build out that hotel with new amenities. Based on vibes, it appears inspired by Howl’s Moving Castle.

Still Wakes the Deep is a narrative game set on a creepy oil rig

Still Wakes the Deep, the next game from The Chinese Room, also got a trailer during the PC Gaming Show 2024. In this game, you are stuck on a haunted oil rig filled with creepy mysteries. It’s out on 18 June 2024.

Into the Dead was announced as yet another zombie game, with some key twists from others in the genre. This is a side-scroller, for one thing, and there’s plenty of mystery around it. A very brief trailer during the PC Gaming Show revealed it will get a demo in October 2024.

Kitfox Games: Highlights

Next, Kitfox Games turned up to highlight three upcoming and newly-released games:

  • Dwarf Fortress – A construction sim.
  • Caves of Qud – A very intricate rogue-like.
  • Streets of Fortuna – A city survival sim with plenty of career options.

Grit & Valor also turned up for a bite of the pie, with a brief trailer revealing mech-gunning action.

A demo for The Rise of the Golden Idol is out now

The Rise of the Golden Idol was up next. This game is a point-and-click/drag mystery adventure sequel spinning out from The Case of the Golden Idol. In the game, you’ll need to interrogate witnesses, and figure out the solutions to various mysteries. A demo is out now.

PC Gaming Show 2024: Highlight Reel

Towards the end of the PC Gaming Show 2024, a highlight reel showed off the following titles:

Worship lets you grow your own cult

The second-last trailer for the show was for cult management game Worship, which allows you to create your own cult, and grow your follower numbers, in a creepy black-and-white world. There’s shades of Cult of the Lamb in this one, with some unique aesthetic choices.

Gunboat God concluded the PC Gaming Show 2024

The final trailer for the PC Gaming Show 2024 was for Gunboat God, a lovely, colourful run-and-gun side-scrolling shooter with positively demonic aesthetic choices. In the game, you’ll blast your way through various creatures, eventually making your way through hordes of beasties, towards an unknown goal.

You can watch the entire PC Gaming Show 2024 via YouTube.

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