Devolver Direct 2024: All the major news and announcements

Here's all the major announcements from Devolver Direct 2024.
devolver direct 2024 cult of the lamb dlc

Devolver Direct returned during Summer Game Fest 2024, with a delightfully unhinged showcase revealing plenty of news and announcements for existing and upcoming games. Anger Foot and Crush House both got release date reveals, and there were two tantalising new game reveals – but perhaps the most tantalising news of the show came from one of our favourite Aussie developers.

At Devolver Direct 2024, Massive Monster came out swinging with the Cult of the Lamb: Unholy Alliance DLC trailer, revealing the game will soon get local co-op, with a playable demonic Goat companion arriving shortly.

Here’s all the biggest news and announcements from Devolver Direct 2024.

Cult of the Lamb: Local co-op announced

Cult of the Lamb is getting a major new expansion on 12 August 2024 which will introduce local co-op for two-player mayhem. One player will take the reigns of the titular Lamb, while a secondary player will be able to jump in as the demonic Goat. Players will be able to cultivate their flock together, take part in knucklebones and fishing mini-games, and even serve each other in combat. While in co-op, players will be able to swap weapons, and deal greater damage in back-to-back fighting.

Unholy Alliance will also introduce a range of other new features for the game, including new relics, follower quests, traits, tarot cards, fleeces, buildings, craftables, and more. The best part is the entire DLC expansion will be free for everyone, on PC and consoles.

Stay tuned for 12 August 2024, when Unholy Alliance drops.

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Dead Cells designer Sébastien Benard reveals Tenjutsu

One of the standout trailers from the Devolver Direct 2024 was for Tenjutsu, a new game from Dead Cells designer Sébastien Benard. In this game, you are a rogue yakuza working to save her city from the grip of crime and villainy.

Four criminal organisations rule the streets of Secret Garden City, and each must be overcome by learning special martial arts techniques. You must plan your fights and your journey well, as the longer you take to defeat each syndicate, the harder your future battles will be.

Tenjutsu launches for PC and consoles in the near future. It doesn’t currently have a release date.

Possessor(s) is a new game from the Hyper Light Drifter team

Possessor(s), a gorgeous new game from Heart Machine (Hyper Light Drifter, Solar Ash) was revealed during Devolver Direct 2024. In this side-scroller adventure, you play Luca and Rehm, two conjoined individuals who must traverse a quarantined city in search of survival, freedom, and hope.

Per details revealed, the game will feature a complex narrative that you can explore at your own pace, with choices you make in your journey allowing you to discover multiple pathways forward.

Possessor(s) is currently set to launch for PC and consoles in 2025. You can learn more about the game on its website.

The Talos Principle 2‘s Road to Elysium DLC comes in three parts

The Talos Principle 2 is set to expand on 14 June 2024, with the arrival of the three-part Road to Elysium DLC expansion. As described, this DLC comes in three chapters – Orpheus Ascending, Isle of the Blessed, and Into the Abyss – with each one allowing you to tackle new puzzles, and explore regions filled with their own murky mysteries.

Some of the new puzzles will be familiar to those who’ve already played through the base game, but there will also be new mechanics and mysteries to spice up this coda. For a brief rundown, here’s what to expect from each new chapter in Road to Elysium:

  • Orpheus Ascending – “Explore the philosophy of love, death, and resurrection through the story of Hypatia and Sarabhai.”
  • Isle of the Blessed – “Hang out with Yaqut and Miranda as they join Cornelius and Athena on a puzzle-driven adventure set on a stunning Caribbean island.”
  • Into the Abyss – “Return to one of the most dramatic moments from The Talos Principle 2 and find out what happened to Byron when he was trapped in the Megastructure.”

The Talos Principle 2: Road to Elysium launches for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox Series X/S on 14 June 2024.

Anger Foot finally has a release date

After several years in development, Free Lives’ Anger Foot finally has a firm release date. As revealed during Devolver Direct 2024, the game launches for PC on 11 July 2024.

In Anger Foot, you will literally put your best foot forward, as you kick your way through a variety of levels, defeating villains and gangsters with every stomp. “Shit City is a disease and your foot is the cure” is the tagline for the game, which should give you an idea of what you’re up against.

Take charge of your destiny, put your feet in the air, and get ready to pummel your way to victory.

Crush House launches in August 2024

Reality show simulator Crush House is officially launching for PC on 9 August 2024. In this game, you will be the newest producer on a reality TV series where hot people do “hot people things” and you film all the action and drama that ensues. Your aim is to capture drama, romance, and tension with your trusty camera – but along the way, you’ll also discover strange things haunting your Malibu mansion set.

You’ll need to keep up the Crush House ratings by catering to a wide degree of audiences, stoke the fires of drama to keep your narrative thriving, and then solve mysteries in the dead of night. It’s all a bit weird and wonderful, and we’re super keen to enter The Crush House.

You can catch up with all the news and announcements from Devolver Direct 2024 on YouTube.

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