PAX Aus locks in return for October 2024

PAX Aus 2024 is officially locked in at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.
pax aus 2024 dates

PAX Aus is officially returning to the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre in Melbourne, Australia between 11-13 October 2024. The news was announced on Twitter / X in a post celebrating the return of the show, and encouraging keen attendees to begin thinking about flights, accomodation, leave, and pet care.

Tickets are not on sale for the upcoming event just yet, but at the very least, we now know when the show will return. We also now know it will go back-to-back with SXSW Sydney 2024, which features similar gaming-orientated events for Sydney-based video game enthusiasts and game developers.

As previously announced, SXSW Sydney takes place from 14-20 October 2024 – so those who plan on attending both events and/or Melbourne International Games Week (MIGW) will have a blockbuster October ahead.

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The PAX Aus team has stopped short of revealing any new details beyond the planned date for the 2024 event – however, those familiar with the show will likely know at least some of what’s on the way.

Every year, PAX Aus puts a spotlight on the local and international games industry with its show floor hosting game demos, tabletop sessions, and gaming stores, and the upper floors of the MCEC usually housing panel talks, comedy spots, deep industry discussions, and plenty of silly shenanigans.

Beyond guest announcements, company partnerships, and special events, there’s not really much more keen attendees need to know about the next iteration of PAX Aus. Typically, it’s not really about specific vendors or celebrities on show – it’s about reconnecting with your friends, making new ones, and learning more about the games industry as a whole.

Regardless, those wishing to learn more should stay tuned to the PAX Aus social channels in the coming weeks, as more is revealed about the upcoming event.

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