Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is getting a remaster

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is bringing the GameCube glory days to the Nintendo Switch.
paper mario thousand year door

Beloved RPG Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is getting a major remaster for Nintendo Switch, with newly enhanced graphics hauling the game out of the underrated GameCube era. As announced during the recent Nintendo Direct for September 2023, the upcoming title will launch in 2024.

In the adventure – the second in the Paper Mario franchise – you once again play as Paper Mario, a hero who lives in a storybook world. This time, he’s on the hunt for a strange treasure rumoured to be worth a fortune, but his quest is interrupted when Princess Peach is (surprise, surprise) kidnapped by aliens. While still on the hunt for the treasure, Mario must work to save Peach – and the entire day – while defeating the mysterious X-Nauts terrorising the world.

Of course, Mario also has to contend with Bowser’s machinations along the way, as well as the arrival of a mysterious being known as the Shadow Queen.

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The first trailer for this surprise remaster was a real delight – and showed off just how innovative The Thousand-Year Door was, and remains. Beyond featuring a gorgeous world, and a plot that expands the Super Mario franchise into new frontiers, gameplay revealed in this showcase also spotlighted clever paper-themed mechanics, and nifty puzzle-solving.

Unlike his 3D iteration, Paper Mario is able to utilise his thinner form to squeeze between gaps in the world, or transform into a paper aeroplane, discovering new secrets in the environment with clever experimentation. He can also unfold obstacles in the world, using paper as a bridge or stairs.

The game also features an active turn-based combat system, that requires you to pay attention and hit buttons at the right moment to maximise your damage.

The level of visual polish in the game was also on show in this new trailer, with Nintendo revealing newly remastered graphics that look incredibly tactile and detailed. You see the seams of each paper character, and how the game’s world folds and bends. It’s a real marvel – and should elevate an already incredible tale.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door launches for Nintendo Switch sometime in 2024.

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