No Man’s Sky: Interceptor update introduces corrupted planets

No Man's Sky: Interceptor will send players on a corrupted, cosmic odyssey.
no man's sky interceptor update

No Man’s Sky is expanding yet again, with the game’s update 4.2Interceptor – introducing brand new ‘corrupted’ planet types, towering guardians, and plenty of gear to salvage on harrowing, galaxy-spanning quests.

In your journey, you’ll be able to corral the newly-built ‘Sentinel Interceptor’ ship, which provides protection against the growing, crystalline structures that occupy corrupted worlds. While largely resembling your standard planets, these locales are unique for their useful crystal formations (which can be mined for new resources), and their roaming, hostile Sentinel guardians.

Live to fight against these robotic beasts, and you’ll be able to nab unique gear on these planets, and even hijack their technology to improve your future survival chances.

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Here’s a quick rundown of everything you can expect in the latest game update, per developer Hello Games:

‘Venture to forsaken Sentinel worlds in update 4.2, Interceptor! Explore corrupted planets, fight a legion of challenging new robotic guardians, hijack their technology, steal their ships, harvest their resources, destroy their freighters, and much, much more! Expand your fleet with your very own salvaged Sentinel Interceptor starship. Hunt down your perfect Sentinel ship, or collect a whole range of these sleek procedurally-generated Interceptors.’

‘A darkness spreads through the Sentinel horde. Many fortified worlds have succumbed to corruption, with strange crystals sprouting from the earth and their robot guardians twisted into bizarre new forms. Explore these purple-hazed worlds to find new buildings, crashed interceptors, secret equipment and more…’

In addition to new worlds, the game’s update 4.2 will also refresh its VR compatibility. In game, players will now be able to better access menus in VR, with improvements to the wrist projector menu that can be grabbed and moved for better vantage points.

For a full rundown of everything to expect in the latest No Man’s Sky update, now available for everyone, check out the full list of patch notes from Hello Games.

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