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No Man’s Sky adds PS VR2 support in major Fractal update

No Man's Sky is expanding, with its latest update introducing PS VR2 support, and new expeditions.
no man's sky update playstation ps vr2

No Man’s Sky is getting PS VR2 ready, with its latest update adding in support for the newly-launched device, alongside an array of new features and tweaks to make its space exploration more immersive, colourful, and exciting.

‘Our small team has always been incredibly passionate about VR. No Man’s Sky is about exploration and there’s nothing quite like exploring the infinite universe in virtual reality,’ Sean Murray of Hello Games wrote in a new PlayStation Blog post. The team at Hello Games has spent considerable time reshaping the game for PS VR2, ensuring it takes full advantage of the device’s updated features, like refined haptics, eye tracking, and improved VR visuals.

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Here’s the full list of changes reportedly implemented in the PS VR2 version of No Man’s Sky, which is now available for everyone:

  • A ‘truly next generation virtual reality experience’ featuring reflections, terrain tessellation, increased draw distance, denser foliage, ultra-quality textures and refraction.
  • PS VR2 functionality including: headset vibrations, 3D audio, tracking, haptic feedback, and adaptive triggers via the PS VR2 Sense controllers.
  • Easy switching between VR and standard gameplay.
  • A fresh HUD and user interface remade for virtual reality, with better Multi-Tool control and easy access menus.
  • 360 degree view of the starship and vehicle cockpits.
  • New VR-only interactions including: grabbing plants in your hands, opening cockpit doors, using a stick/throttle on spaceships, and punching objects.
no mans sky game update fractal
Image: Hello Games

In addition to new VR-specific features, the latest No Man’s Sky update has also added in a range of features for the standard version of the game. The new Utopia Speeder starship is now available for all players, and a fresh ‘Utopia’ Expedition will help you make the most of this craft. In this adventure, you’ll work towards rebuilding an abandoned solar system for a strange organisation known as the ‘Utopia Foundation’.

Motion controls have also been added to the game, so the DualSense (PS5) and DualShock 4 (PS4) controllers can be used to explore and scan objects easily. This inclusion is one of many new accessibility features now available in the game.

To check out all the new additions for yourself, you can jump into the No Man’s Sky‘s ‘Fractal’ update via your console now – or learn more on the PlayStation Blog.

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