Nintendo Wii U parts have run out, so consoles can no longer be repaired

The Nintendo Wii U era has officially come to an end.
nintendo wii u repairs

If you still own a Nintendo Wii U, you’ll need to treat that console with a bit more care going forward. Per a notice posted to the Nintendo website, parts for the Wii U have now been depleted, meaning no more official repairs will be offered. While the repair program for the Wii U has been shut in most regions for years, Japan was the last holdout.

Nintendo warned that part stock levels were getting low in May 2024, and that repairs would end in future – although a firm date was not provided at the time. Given this earlier warning, it’s likely those in need of repairs began reaching out to Nintendo, speeding up the process of depletion.

As of early July, the company has now officially run out of parts, with repairs being discontinued as a result. The reality is that companies can’t service every console forever – consoles eventually become less popular, parts run out, and the flow of time continues.

The end of the Wii U era

Nintendo’s announcement marks the end of a strange era for the company – the Nintendo Wii U was a rare misfire. It’s a console that never quite escaped the shadow of the Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo DS, both of which remain amongst the most popular, best-selling consoles of all times.

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There’s a lot an analyst could say about the Nintendo Wii U, and why it faltered in sales and popularity – the launch game lineup wasn’t too exciting, it was too similar to the Wii, the name was confusing, its hybrid nature wasn’t well-designed – but these conversations are treading old ground. Suffice to say, Nintendo learned a lot from the Nintendo Wii U, and used it as a pivot point to develop the excellent Nintendo Switch.

The Wii U was the console that had to happen to get to where we are now – and for that reason, it occupies a very important place in gaming history. With repairs now winding down, Nintendo has officially ended all forms of support for the console – just in time for a new, brighter era.

Those in need of repairs for a Nintendo Wii U will now need to turn elsewhere for support. Non-official repairers will likely still have the means to fix the console, although a lack of official replacement parts means future repairs are likely to be more complex. Those keen to learn more about the end of Wii U repairs can read more about it on the Nintendo website.

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