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New Xbox Game Pass titles for November 2022 announced

Vampire Survivors and Return to Monkey Island lead a strong selection of new titles coming to Xbox Game Pass in November 2022.
Vampire Survivors is one of many games coming to Xbox Game Pass in November 2022

The new titles coming to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass subscription services in November 2022 have been revealed – and they include some of the best games you’ll play this year, as well as fantastic-looking titles backed by high anticipation.

Vampire Survivors headlines the roster for the month, as it comes to console for the very first time on November 10. This game took the PC world by storm, and spurred a whole new genre, when it was released on Steam Early Access in late 2021.

A unique mix of idle game, auto-battler, and bullet-hell shoot-em-up where you mow down countless legions of Castlevania-themed enemies, its deceptively simple presentation hides a wildly compelling loop that doesn’t ask much of you, but gives so much in return. Don’t miss this one.


Also arriving on Xbox Game Pass is the recently-announced console version of Return to Monkey Island on November 8, the surprise continuation of the classic 1990 adventure game, The Secret of Monkey Island. Original creator Ron Gilbert returns for this one, and you shouldn’t miss it – it’s an adventure game full of lighthearted humour, great characters, and plenty of charm and heart. We gave it five stars in our review.

On the highly-anticipated front, The Legend of Tianding comes to Xbox Game Pass this month. It’s a side-scrolling beat-em-up – a genre that’s certainly thrived on subscription services due to low barriers to entry, and promises of quick action. Tianding explores a very rarely represented part of history – the Imperial Japanese occupation of Taiwan in the early 20th century.

Ghost Song is also launching on November 3, a highly-anticipated side-scrolling Metroid-like adventure that’s been in development since 2013. If you’re fan of games like Hollow Knight, give this a whirl.

Pentiment from Obsidian Entertainment (The Outer Worlds) launches on November 15 – it’s an incredibly unique narrative adventure presented in the form of medieval manuscripts. Also arriving November 15 is Somerville, a very intriguing-looking narrative game set in the midst of a catastrophic alien invasion.

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Microsoft usually makes two rounds of announcements for new titles coming to Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass each month, so keep an eye out for the mid-month announcement in the new few weeks.

If you missed October 2022’s arrivals, you can find them here:

New games coming to Xbox Game Pass in November 2022

November 1

  • The Legend of Tianding (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – The Complete Season (PC)
  • The Walking Dead: Michonne – The Complete Season (PC)

November 3

  • Ghost Song (Cloud, Console, and PC)

November 8

  • Football Manager 2023 (PC)
  • Football Manager 2023 Console (Cloud, Console, and PC) 
  • Return to Monkey Island (Cloud, Console, and PC)

November 10

  • Vampire Survivors (Console)

November 15

  • Pentiment (Cloud, Console, and PC) 
  • Somerville (Console and PC)

Games leaving Xbox Game Pass in November 2022

Leaving November 8

  • Football Manager 2022 (PC)
  • Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition (Cloud, Console, and PC)

Leaving November 15

  • Art of Rally (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Fae Tactics (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Next Space Rebel (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • One Step from Eden (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Supraland (Cloud, Console, and PC)

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