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My Hero Academia gets a free-to-play battle royale game

My Hero Academia is getting a brand new video game adaptation, and it makes so much sense.
my hero academia battle royale game

Beloved manga/anime series My Hero Academia is getting a brand new video game adaptation in the form of My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble, a free-to-play battle royale game coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. While the battle royale genre is currently packed to the brim with dominating titles like PUGB, Apex Legends, and Fortnite, Ultra Rumble feels like a game that could just break out from the pack.

Details are still scarce and there’s no release date, but early looks at gameplay are very promising. In Ultra Rumble, players will be able to ‘team up to win a 24-player rumble in multiplayer action’, with many of the game’s most iconic characters being available on launch.

Rather than being equipped with guns or weapons, players will gain access to each character’s unique abilities, such as Deku and All Might’s ‘One For All’ super-strength quirk, Bakugo’s explosion-based quirk and Todoroki’s fire and ice quirk.

In the game, it appears you’ll be ‘dropped’ into an urban wilderness and paired with other heroes as you use your abilities to defeat villains and save the day. At this stage, it looks to be a team-based game, but there’ll likely be other modes yet to be announced.

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You can check out Bakugo, All Might and Deku in action below, in the first footage from the game:


Given just how many heroes populate the world of My Hero Academia, the roster potential here is enormous. Beyond the manga’s hearty main cast, there are plenty of guest stars to draw from, too – including fan-favourite standouts like The Wild, Wild Pussycats and the entirety of Class 1-B.

Every character has a unique quirk that could suit the battle royale genre perfectly, while still remaining true to the heart of the manga.

So far, a complete roster has not been confirmed – but expect to hear more about Ultra Rumble at some point in 2022. It looks like very good fun, and the perfect use of the battle royale genre. While it does arrive in a crowded market, its eye-catching visuals, existing fanbase, and unique gunless gameplay should help it make a mark.

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