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MultiVersus: Everything you need to know about Season 1

MultiVersus season 1 is likely set to kick off in mid-August. Here's what we know so far.
Multiversus The Iron Giant

MultiVersus is on the cusp of a full release, with its season 1 content planned to kick-off the first ‘real’ season of the game, following multiple closed alphas and an open beta test. After a short delay, Season 1 is set to go live on 15 August 2022.

We already know a lot about what’s coming – including how the game’s seasons will work, and what the special battle pass will do. Here’s everything we know about MultiVersus season 1 so far.

New characters: Morty and Rick, of Rick & Morty

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Image: Player First Games

So far, we know that MultiVersus season 1 will introduce Morty and Rick from Rick & Morty as the game’s latest fighters. Morty is confirmed to go live on 23 August 2022. LeBron James will also be getting a Robin costume in the debut season, although this counts as a skin, rather than a new character.

At Evo 2022, it was also revealed that even more new characters are set to arrive in the game, although these are yet to be confirmed.

Data miners have already flagged some potential character inclusions, like Ted Lasso, Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, Raven from Teen Titans, and Eleven from Stranger Things (odd, given Stranger Things is not a Warner Bros. property) – with any of these names being possible unlocks in season 1.

Player First Games has yet to confirm the timeline of new characters will roll out, so we’ll have to wait to see what’s in store.

MultiVersus: Season 1 includes new modes

Alongside new characters and cosmetics, MultiVersus season 1 will also introduce two new modes: Classic Arcade Mode, and a New Ranked Mode.

At this stage, neither has been formally detailed, so we’ll have to wait to see what they bring to the battlefield.


MultiVersus: Season 1 Battle Pass

It appears that seasons in MultiVersus will revolve around new characters, stages and battle passes.

The Season 1 battle pass will have 50 tiers, with new rewards gained for every tier completed. This battle pass will cost 950 Gleamium (in-game currency), which amounts to around AU $15 of real-world cash. You can only get Gleamium by spending real-world money, so you’ll need to fork out for this battle pass – although you will be able to play the game normally without spending a cent.

Player First Games has, in the past, made clear that all content in the game can be earned without spending real-life money, so the battle pass should be considered an optional add-on to help speed up progress and reduce grind.

While details of the upcoming season 1 battle pass have not been made available yet, it’s likely that completing specific in-game challenges and surpassing each tier will unlock new character costumes, emotes, and other cosmetics, as in season zero of the game.

MultiVersus season 1 officially launches on 15 August 2022. Stay tuned to social media for more announcements, and get those button-mashing fingers ready for new fighters and challenges on the horizon.

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