MultiVersus return teased on social media

The MultiVersus Twitter / X account has resurfaced for a quick teaser.
MultiVersus return

After an eight month hiatus, the official MultiVersus Twitter / X account has come alive for a brief teaser, hinting at the return of the game. “*taps mic* testing, testing, 1, 2, 3,” the account posted on Tuesday, in reference to warming up a microphone for a big announcement. So far, that’s been the only teaser posted – however, we do have another indication that MultiVersus is due for a return soon.

In late February 2024, a return Happy Meal collaboration with McDonald’s Australia was confirmed on the McDonald’s website. While this collaboration was not dated, and images only teased tiny collectibles, the timing of the discovery and its “coming soon” label suggested an imminent MultiVersus return.

Given the MultiVersus Twitter / X account has suddenly become active again, we can assume plans are now underway, with MultiVersus set for a grand return – perhaps as early as March 2024.

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While only brief, the social media tease posted on Tuesday has already generated keen interest, with 21,000 likes, 6,500 retweets, and 1.6 million impressions suggesting buzz around the returning game.

MultiVersus attracted over 20 million downloads when it launched in beta form, with concurrent player peaks in the 140,000+ range. While it was unable to maintain this momentum into its second major season of content, with players disengaged from its reward loop, absence does make the heart grow fonder.

Following its beta period, MultiVersus was shut down entirely, with players now having been locked out for an eight month run. Those itching to get back in will soon have the means to do so.

Whether developer Player First Games can attract its hundred-thousand concurrent players back after MultiVersus‘ absence is another matter – but it likely won’t be long before we see the impact of the game’s return. Stay tuned for more news in the coming days and weeks.

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