MultiVersus return teased by McDonald’s Australia

MultiVersus could be on the way back, per an upcoming McDonald's Australia promotion.
multiversus game return 2024

Remember MultiVersus? Way back in 2022, Player First Games and Warner Bros. unleashed their crossover brawler to much enthusiasm, with millions of players jumping in for weird and wonderful character combos and snappy, satisfying battles. Despite its accolades, MultiVersus was pulled down in June 2023. Player First Games announced its initial release was only an open beta, and that it was going to be relaunched as a full game in 2024.

The news came as a surprise to many, as messaging around the game had never made clear that it would be pulled down following its beta. Regardless, the shuttering went ahead, leading to a significant exile.

An exile which may soon be over, according to McDonald’s Australia. As spotted by Edmond Tran, former GamesHub Managing Editor, McDonald’s Australia is currently teasing a “coming soon” toy collaboration with MultiVersus.

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While the exact nature of the toys hasn’t been revealed, each is themed after a random MultiVersus pair – Batman and Finn, Bugs Bunny and Wonder Woman, Superman and Garnet, Batman and Shaggy, and so on. Their shape suggests they may be tins containing cards or download codes, rather than actual toys, but in any case, they’re a very intriguing prospect.

The MultiVersus crossover is listed as the next major Happy Meal collaboration in Australia, following the current Crash Team Rumble one. This doesn’t have an end date, but is likely nearing the end of its run. Should that be the case, we could see the MultiVersus toys arrive as early as March 2024, potentially in line with the actual game’s return.

Nothing is confirmed just yet, but it would make sense for the McDonald’s Australia promotion to line up with the debut of the “full version” of MultiVersus. After all, there would be no point promoting the game while it remains in stasis. For now, those looking forward to jumping back into the multiplayer brawler should stay tuned for more.

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