Former Mighty Kingdom staff confirm redundancies at studio

Staff have taken to Twitter to announce their redundancies in the wake of a Mighty Kingdom overhaul.
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Former staff at Australian studio Mighty Kingdom have taken to Twitter to announce their redundancies, confirming an earlier report about a major restructure at the company that was initiated in an attempt to reduce costs and remain ‘sustainable’.

In late September 2022, the company announced a model restructure that would allow it to maintain ‘shareholder value without losing the opportunity to capture new business’. In order to create this stability, it announced a ‘reduction of FTE within the developer and administration teams’ that was assumed to lead to staff redundancies.

Now, the full scope of this restructure has been revealed – with around 25 employees reportedly let go.

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Employee redundancies are from a range of game development disciplines – technical and 3D artistry, production, game design and UX – with senior and junior members of the company impacted. Many are now looking for work, with hopes that the events of Melbourne International Games Week (MIGW) will allow them to connect with the wider industry and networking opportunities.

Those keen to explore new roles in the industry are being supported by various organisations, with several starting handy Twitter threads of open jobs around the country and the globe. Australia produces world-class talent, and there’s no doubt the former staff of Mighty Kingdom will be a boon to any studio they join.

Our thoughts are with them in this tumultuous time.

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