McDonald’s launches grease-proof gaming chair

McDonald's has announced the launch of a grease-proof gaming chair that comes with a burger warmer.
mcdonald's gaming chair mccrispy

Fast food restaurant McDonald’s is launching a bizarre surprise treat for video game fans: the McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair – a companion to celebrate the new McCrispy chicken burger. While acquisition of this chair is limited to competition entries, and only available in limited supply, it’s certainly attempting to make its mark, thanks to an array of finger-licking features.

For one thing, the chair is coated in a grease-proof treatment – meaning you can eat as many McDonald’s burgers as you like without needing to worry about the state of the chair, post-feast.

It also has a dedicated warmer on one of its adjustable arms, which can be used to keep your burger hot and delicious, or to store a variety of other foods. A holder beneath this plate is the perfect location to dangle your McCrispy-branded napkin when you’re done.

On the other wing, there’s a drink holder – designed to be the perfect size for a sweaty cup of Coca-Cola (or orange juice, or Sprite, or whatever else takes your fancy).

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Its viral popularity online may lead to it being released more widely, but for now, this snacking machine is limited to winning entrants in a McDonald’s social media competition.

Here’s a list of those glorious McCrispy gaming chair features, for your perusal:

  • A fries holder
  • A drink holder
  • Two dip holders
  • A hot box to keep your McCrispy warm while gaming
  • A built-in napkin holder and two reusable napkins with McCrispy branding
  • A stain-proof leather treatment so you can enjoy your McCrispy in peace
  • Modular armrests to allow users to swap their McCrispy to different sides

Basically, it’s all you’ve ever wanted (?) in a food-caddy-slash-gaming-chair. If you’re going about your day, salivating over the thought of a new McCrispy, there’s no way to get the greatest enjoyment out of your meal, other than to eat it on a throne such as this.

While you will need to win the chair to obtain it (Great Britain residents, aged 18+ only), four lucky folks in the world will get to live out their greasy fantasy in the coming weeks. If you fulfil the McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair competition criteria, you can find out how to enter on the McDonlands Facebook page.

Leah J. Williams is a gaming and entertainment journalist who's spent years writing about the games industry, her love for The Sims 2 on Nintendo DS and every piece of weird history she knows. You can find her tweeting @legenette most days.