McDonald’s Australia launches Overwatch 2 collab

The official McDonald's Australia Twitter account teased a major collaboration ahead of the eventual reveal.
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McDonald’s Australia recently took to Twitter to confirm rumours of an upcoming Overwatch 2 collaboration, with a teaser image displaying the game’s iconic logo, and the words ‘Coming Soon’.

The crossover was first spotted in September, when a McDonald’s Australia employee shared a photograph of an in-store POS machine displaying an ‘Overwatch 2‘ button. At the time, the functionality of this button was unclear, although workers in other stores also confirmed they had access to it.

Given the string of pop culture-themed collaborations at McDonald’s, including the recent Cactus Plant Flea Market Adult Happy Meal box – which reportedly sold out, and caused major headaches for employees – it was easy to assume the next major Adult Happy Meal crossover was for Activision Blizzard’s flagship franchise.

This was pure speculation, but it drove a rampant hype cycle for the reveal.

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Now, we know exactly what the tease was for – a new partnership that will see fans who purchase select meals on the MyMaccas app receive an Epic Lightning Tracer skin for use in Overwatch 2. The skin gives Tracer a shorter haircut, and paints her clothing black and neon yellow – but it is not exclusive to McDonald’s. Those who’ve been playing Overwatch since 2018 will likely recognise it – and may already have it in their skin library.

Newbies will likely be keen to nab the freebie, but given its lack of exclusivity, it’s unlikely to draw huge crowds. After months of speculation and major excitement for the collaboration, there’s likely to be many disappointed by this reveal.

This article has been updated since its original publication.

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