Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth includes a resort management mode

RGG Studio is taking a leaf from Animal Crossing's book in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.
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A new trailer for Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth aired during the Xbox Partner Preview has revealed a wild new resort management mode for the game, with players able to take a break from the main narrative of the game by heading to Dondoko Island. As the trailer makes clear, even the Yakuza need time to relax – and that includes getting the chance to kick up their feet, catch bugs, collect resources, build furniture, and serve guests.

Dondoko Island pretty much looks exactly like an Animal Crossing island, and game protagonist Ichiban Kasuga will be able to travel it freely, with a net, bat, and spear by his side. They’ll be used to collect resources like fish, bugs, and minerals, which can then be crafting into special items including furniture and materials.

The mode, while seemingly separate to the main story, appears fairly robust. As you gather resources, you’ll be able to decorate your home space with special items – including a tiger – and even develop new structures (buildings, a giant oni statue), to promote better living on your island home.

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You’ll also be able to forge new friendships on Dondoko Island, including with a parrot named PingWing who knows a lot about human technology.

Giving presents to your island residents is part of life on Dondoko, with each giving rewards for your efforts. It won’t be easy to nab these, however, as the mode’s friendship system is based around meeting demands, and ensuring every island guest is comfortable in their surrounds.

Do your job as a resort manager well, and you’ll eventually carve out a loving space filled with happy residents. In the course of your job, you will also have to scare off island invaders in bat-based combat, ensuring you maintain peace, despite your Yakuza roots.

While strange and a little bit unexpected – typical of the Yakuza / Like a Dragon franchise – the Dondoko Island resort mode looks absolutely delightful. With life simulator stylings, and what appears to be hours of Happy Home Designer-like content, it could end up attracting a whole new audience to this long-running franchise.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is set to launch for PC and consoles on 26 January 2024.

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