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Let’s Build a Zoo gets major Aquarium Odyssey DLC

Let's Build a Zoo is expanding into the ocean realm, with new buildable aquariums.
let's build a zoo aquarium odyssey dlc

Let’s Build a Zoo, the excellent animal splicer and zoo management simulator from Springloaded, is expanding yet again, with its latest downloadable content pack (DLC) allowing players to experiment and build within the ocean kingdom. Aquarium Odyssey, set to launch in 2023, will provide brand new animals to rear and hybridise, including various sharks, dugongs, whales, manta rays, fish, seahorses, crabs, and more.

Each can be raised in newly-added aquarium settings, which include tanks and open-air ponds filled with aquatic decorations like seaweed, anemones and coral. These environments will come in handy when hybridising creatures, as they may require land or ocean, depending on the dominant DNA used in the game’s ethically-dubious splicing process.

If you’ve yet to hop into Let’s Build a Zoo yourself, this could be the perfect launching point, as the Aquarium Odyssey provides a range of 50+ new aquatic animals to buy and sell, alongside 100+ more options for zoo customisation (shops, decorations, facilities, and enclosures), and an expansion of the overarching game narrative, which includes various choice-based story twists.

The Aquarium Odyssey campaign, which charts your zoo’s growth and the evolution of your morals, is reportedly 20 hours on its own.

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It joins the similarly robust Dinosaur Island DLC, which introduced a range of dinosaurs, decorations, and new facilities in the months following the game’s launch. Like Aquarium Odyssey, this DLC also introduced new story events and an overarching campaign with prompts guiding a loose narrative.

You can check out the new trailer for Aquarium Odyssey via YouTube:

Let’s Build a Zoo: Aquarium Odyssey is currently dated for late 2023 with no firm release date.

For those keen to check out the game ahead of launch, Springloaded and game publisher No More Robots have announced a major 45% discount for the game on all platforms, coinciding with a new, free ‘Sloths and Spas’ update which introduces new attractions and sloths as purchasable creatures.

If you’re looking for your latest game obsession, it’s well worth discovering the weirdness and wonder of Let’s Build a Zoo for yourself.

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