Hitman: Blood Money is getting an enhanced handheld port

Hitman: Blood Money is returning with an array of new features and UI improvements.
hitman blood money reprisal

Hitman: Blood Money, IO Interactive’s award-winning 2006 stealth adventure, is getting an enhanced port for Nintendo Switch and mobile (iOS, Android) devices, with an array of new tweaks and improvements for a streamlined experience.

Subtitled ‘Reprisal‘, the new release will include a dynamic mini-map, Instinct Mode to track targets and objectives, and a range of other gameplay enhancements for a more modern feel. As with the original game, it will include twelve major sandbox missions, each allowing you to travel as assassin extraordinaire Agent 47, as he works his way through Paris, New Orleans, and beyond.

Here’s the game’s official description, per port developer Feral Interactive:

Reprisal’s twelve sandbox missions offer endless opportunities to experiment, with many different routes to success. From the refined surroundings of the Paris opera to the heaving streets of New Orleans during Mardi Gras, how Agent 47 executes his commissions is up to the player. Whether it’s a very public execution, a silent kill with no witnesses or an ‘unfortunate accident’, a generous armoury of tools, weapons, disguises and blunt objects are always on-hand to help with decision making…”

And here’s a first look at the upgrade, via YouTube.

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Hitman: Blood Money – Reprisal does not have a firm release date currently, however it’s expected to launch for iOS and Android devices in Autumn 2023 [Northern Hemisphere], with a Switch release to follow in Winter [also Northern Hemisphere].

For anyone who missed the original release of this game, it’s certainly worth revisiting. When it launched in 2006, it was a groundbreaking title, and one that paved the way for the stealth and adventure of the modern Hitman trilogy.

Feral Interactive has stated that Reprisal has been designed with fresh audiences in mind, with an array of improvements to streamlined the game’s more dated elements. On mobile, it will have a fully customisable touchscreen interface, as well as controller and keyboard, and mouse support, to ensure the best experience possible. It’s likely the Switch version will feature similarly useful enhancements.

Stay tuned for more details about this upcoming release.

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