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Hades 2 introduces strong weapon buffs in latest update

Hades 2's latest update improves the capabilities of Nocturnal Arms, and Melinoë's abilities.
Hades 2 Supergiant Games patch 2

Supergiant Games has released the second major patch for Hades 2, with this update introducing new buffs for Nocturnal Arms, and upgrades for Hexes of Selene and Daedalus Hammer artefacts. If you’ve been having trouble making your way through the game’s many loops, these additions may provide some relief, as most weapons will now include improve stagger abilities, and more powerful, reworked specials.

As detailed, the Witch’s Staff will now knock foes away (although it will swing slower), the Sister Blades will stagger enemies for longer, the Umbral Flames will be stronger and faster, the Moonstone Axe will provide a handy barrier, and the Argent Skull will have a more impactful Omega Attack.

These Nocturnal Arms will also be improved in other ways, with each gaining additional abilities that should aid enemy defeats.

As mentioned, there’s also been a significant overhaul of the Daedelus Hammer artefacts, with many replaced by newer, improved versions. For a brief rundown, the Marauder Wallop, Double Wallop and Double Cataclysm have been cut from the game, and replaced with Rapid Thrasher, Wicked Trasher, and Mirrored Thrasher – each of which should be better and more balanced for combat.

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What else is included in the Hades 2 patch?

Supergiant has also introduced a range of tweaks for overall gameplay, likely to make your journey smoother. You’ll now be able to meet up to one additional Olympian each night, you’re more likely to find Boons in Erebus, you’ll have better chances of finding Fishing Points in your travels, and there are improved rewards in certain major regions.

Beyond these additions, the new patch update for Hades 2 will also introduce tweaks for enemies to make them fairer, adjustments to certain levels and environments, and an array of bug fixes for various issues reported by players. Importantly, one of these is that you’ll snap out of “brooding over the family portrait in the Crossroads” faster.

New patches for Hades 2 will drop regularly as it continues to develop in early access. While this means the odds of each run will change as you work your way through the game, that’s the nature of early access. If you’ve got a favourite weapon or ability, try not to hold it too close to your heart. The world of Hades 2 is ever-changing, and it will likely change again with the next major update.

You can view the full patch notes for Hades 2‘s second major update on Steam. Stay tuned for the latest on the game.

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