GTA Online’s latest update introduces new bounty hunting missions

Prepare to round up criminals and enforce vigilante justice in Los Santos and beyond.
gta online bottom dollar bounties update

GTA Online‘s latest free update is one for the Raylan Givens fans. As announced, the Bottom Dollar Bounties update, which is available now for all players, introduces new bounty hunting missions which task players with hunting down criminals, and enforcing vigilante justice across Los Santos and Blaine County.

Standard crims and Most Wanted Targets will be highlighted at a new Bail Enforcement Office, with rewards offered for tracking down these bail-busters, and bringing them in to serve their time. While this work was previously carried out with Maude Eccles, the work will now be done alongside her equally intrepid daughter, Jenette.

You’ll be able to intimidate criminals in your role, using any means necessary to drag your targets back to the Bail Enforcement offices. You can kill your bounties if you wish, but higher rewards are paid for bringing them in alive – so you should think carefully about your approach, and how you might use non-lethal weapons to take down targets. You’ll be able to use a special van to transport captured bounties – whether to their new holding cell, or to the coroner.

When you’re not targeting known criminals, you’ll also be able to use your skills to take down corrupt LSPD officers via new Dispatch Work quests (unlocked once you’ve completed the Slush Fund mission in The Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid, per Rockstar).

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gta online van
Image: Rockstar Games

As part of your new role as an unofficial cop of GTA Online, you’ll be able to commandeer new Law Enforcement vehicles – the Declasse Impaler SZ Cruiser, the Bravado Greenwood Cruiser, and the Bravado Dorado Cruiser. There will also be an array of other new rides available with the Bottom Dollar Bounties update, including multiple new sports cars, which can be modified using Imani Tech.

Elsewhere, Rockstar Games has also teased the arrival of new pizza delivery jobs in GTA Online, with players soon able to jump on a Pegassi Pizza Boy scooter to deliver scooters to salivating customers. Following this update, there will also be new events and gameplay tied to Independence Day and Halloween, as well as a new “multi-stage head-to-head” mode for players, and plenty more.

GTA Online is available now as a standalone game, and is also included with GTA V.

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