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New Gotham Knights trailer spotlights Batgirl

Gotham Knights is finally giving Barbara Gordon a much-needed character spotlight.
gotham knights batgirl

A new Gotham Knights trailer showcased during San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) has finally given Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl, her time to shine. The flashy, combat-focussed trailer begins with a bubbly voiceover about the power of symbols, and the need to believe in something even when all hope is lost. What follows is a flashy reel filled with electric nunchaku-assisted takedowns, stealth traversal, and handy-looking cape gliding.

Interestingly, Batgirl’s nunchaku can be separated into two weapons via a long chain, or be used like a police baton – a callback to her late father, Police Commissioner Jim Gordon. His absence will be heavily felt in the game as Barbara deals with her loss, and regaining her fighting spirit.

Special attacks detailed in the trailer include a Batarang explosion that sends projectiles flying, and a ground pound that causes shockwaves. Every fighter in Gotham Knights is getting a tech- or magic-based assist, and Batgirl is no different.

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Also revealed in the trailer were a number of new enemies, including denizens of Arkham Asylum. Among these is a large woman wielding a hefty cane, and a beefy, pig-like warrior covered in makeshift leather armour and wielding a flaming chain.

‘Gotham has called… and I have answered,’ Batgirl announces in the trailer. It appears she’ll be answering in a big way, with her lithe combat and shock-powered punches helping to corral the mean streets of Gotham back to some form of normality.

She’ll fight alongside fellow heroes Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin to restore peace in a tale that follows on from the dual deaths of Batman and Jim Gordon. In their absence, Gotham becomes a lawless place in need of wily, hard-hitting heroes.

You’ll be able to team up with friends or play solo when Gotham Knights launches for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5 and Windows PC on 25 October 2022.

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