Genshin Impact voice actor will be recast due to ‘breach of contact’

Elliot Gindi will no longer voice Tighnari in the English version of the popular adventure game.
genshin impact tighnari actor allegations

Genshin Impact voice actor Elliot Gindi, who played Tighnari in the English version of the game, will be recast in an upcoming update, due to severe allegations of misconduct, and a ‘breach of contract’ with developer HoYoverse.

The decision was made after Gindi was accused of grooming and coercing fans due to his position in the Genshin Impact community. It was alleged that Gindi had engaged with underage teens, requesting private photos, and threatened to commit suicide if any of these interactions were leaked.

In a TwitLonger apology posted in early-February 2023, Gindi admitted to some of these accusations, claiming it was never his intention to hurt anyone. ‘I reacted inappropriately to situations where I felt desired, and caused harm to so many people in the process,’ Gindi said. ‘ I understand that my actions have consequences, and am committing myself to accepting my responsibility while making the effort to get – and do – better.’

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The consequences of his actions have now been made clear by HoYoverse, which announced his firing on Twitter.

‘After communications with the voice recording agency, we hereby confirm that Elliot Gindi, the English voice actor for Tighnari will no longer be voicing the character in subsequent versions due to a breach of contract,’ the official Genshin Impact account said.

‘At present, we are communicating with the voice recording agency regarding matters of casting and re-recording. We will gradually replace Tighnari’s existing in-game voice lines, and issue these updates in the corresponding announcements.’

An official announcement for the future of Tighnari, and their replacement voice actor, will reportedly be announced when the change is implemented. While the process may be lengthy, given the complications of recasting and re-recording dialogue, HoYoverse’s swift actions will ensure harm is minimised across the board.

Fans and other voice actors have praised the company for its swift action, and for listening to fans as the situation evolved. While an exact reason for Gindi’s removal was not detailed in the HoYoverse announcement, it’s clear the company is well aware of developments, and is working hard to ensure the safety of its audience – and the reputation of the global Genshin Impact brand.

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