Free PlayStation Plus Essential games for October 2022 revealed

Sony has officially announced the PlayStation Plus Essential line-up for October 2022.
superhot game playstation plus

Sony has officially announced the PlayStation Plus Essential free games lineup for October 2022, with a range of excellent games on offer for keen players. The lot is technically headlined by Hot Wheels Unleashed, which is the sole PlayStation 5 offering of the bunch – but the real meat of the package is Superhot.

Superhot is an action-adventure game with an ingenious mechanic – the action of gameplay only moves when you move, meaning you can plan out your strategy, monitor enemies, and make choices about when to act. It’s the original version of the game on offer – rather than the stunning VR version – but it’s still a masterclass in clever video game design.

If you’ve yet to check out Superhot in any form, it’s an absolutely essential title – so it’s a very fitting inclusion for October’s PlayStation Plus Essential lineup.

Here’s the full list of included games:

  • Hot Wheels Unleashed (PS4 | PS5)
  • Injustice 2 (PS4)
  • Superhot (PS4)

When you’re not dodging, ducking and weaving in Superhot, you’ll be able to pick-up some high speed car racing (via Hot Wheels Unleashed) or pummel supervillains (or superheroes) into dust in Injustice 2.

Those looking forward to upcoming fighting games like Street Fighter 6 and Tekken 8 will find plenty to love in Injustice 2, a sequel which goes much harder than its predecessor. There’s a hearty combat system and plenty of power-infused abilities that can be upgraded with gear.

Hot Wheels Unleashed is also a great option – it offers an alternative ‘toy car’ style racing experience with bright tracks, adorable cars to collect, and plenty of neat tricks to pull off along the way.

Every game will be available to claim for subscribers from 4 October 2022. They will remain in your library, and be accessible while you have an active PlayStation Plus subscription.

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