Epic Mickey: Rebrushed launches in September 2024

Epic Mickey: Rebrushed will land with a splat later this year.
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Epic Mickey: Rebrushed, the remaster of the 2010 Disney classic for Nintendo Wii, has officially locked in a 24 September 2024 launch date. Based on early trailers, this should be the definitive way to check out Epic Mickey, and understand why exactly it’s one of the most beloved Disney crossover games. It treads a similar path to Kingdom Hearts in approach, but has an abundance of creative ideas that make its darker take on Disney lore fascinating, and compelling.

As with the original game, Epic Mickey: Rebrushed stars Mickey Mouse in a Sorcerer’s Apprentice-like situation where he accidentally ruins a world of classic Disney characters by spilling ink on it, and must then travel this world, saving beings that have been corrupted by the ink force known as the Blot.

Rebrushed developer Purple Lamp has a massive legacy to live up to with this game – one charged with both passion and nostalgia – but given how well the studio handled the SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom remaster, and its spiritual sequel The Cosmic Shake, there’s little reason to doubt the quality of this remaster.

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Epic Mickey: Rebrushed will have a physical collector’s edition

In addition to announcing the release date for Epic Mickey: Rebrushed, THQ Nordic and Purple Lamp have also revealed physical standard and collector’s edition releases for the upcoming game. The standard edition comes with a regular game disc or cart (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch), and also has a pre-order bonus of a Mickey costume pack.

The collector’s edition of the game will include this same preorder bonus, as well as: an Epic Mickey statue, a steelbook, an Oswald the Lucky Rabbit keychain, a tin sign, postcards, and an additional costume pack. At this stage, it appears the collector’s edition will have limited distribution worldwide, and it may not be available in every region. Per the Epic Mickey website, it can be purchased through the THQ Nordic EU store, which ships to select regions, but you may pay a premium for shipping cost.

For everyone else, the game will also be available digitally when it launches for PC and consoles on 24 September 2024. Stay tuned for more on this upcoming adventure.

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