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Grab Lego Builder’s Journey free on the Epic Games Store

Lego Builder's Journey is the latest daily free game from the Epic Games Store – grab it before it's gone!
epic games store lego builder's journey

The Epic Games Store is celebrating Christmas the best way it knows how: with free, daily game giveaways for everyone. Every day over the holiday period, the publisher is giving away one free game. The only catch is you’ll need to be snappy to grab them before they’re gone. Each title is only available within a 24-hour window, and it’s very easy to miss the drops – particularly if you’re not living in a US timezone. That said, if you’re reading this article now, you’re in luck. The latest free game has just dropped, and it’s a real winner: Lego Builder’s Journey.

In Lego Builder’s Journey, you are a Lego builder crafting 3D environments for little Lego people to traverse. Each environment is rendered in a colourful, gorgeous art style, with worlds building up and up as you place more Lego bricks and begin to unpack a variety of intricate, non-verbal stories.

It’s the perfect game to sit back and relax with after a long day. It’s not particularly lengthy – the whole journey is around two hours – but each moment along the way is literally stacked with gorgeous sights, and a real sense of satisfaction. This game captures the nostalgia of building Lego in carefree times, while also providing colourful and vast environments to create and explore.

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If you’ve yet to play this title, grab it for free on the Epic Games Store from today, until 3:00 am AEDT on Friday, 23 December 2022.

At this point, the game will be replaced with another free title. The next offer is currently a mystery, but is likely to be another great get. So far, the Epic Games Store has given away several free games over the holiday break – including hits like Wolfenstein: The New Order and horse fighting game, Them’s Fightin’ Herds.

The free range includes recent hits and fresh releases, as well as video game classics – perfect for bulking out a new gaming library, or nabbing some newbies to play over the holiday break. We’re only a few games into the Epic Games Store’s free offerings for Christmas, with several more days to go.

Stay tuned to see the next games to be revealed as the celebrations continue.

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