Don’t Nod has seven new games in development

Don't Nod is brewing a raft of mystery games yet to be announced.
don't nod bloom and rage

Don’t Nod, the studio behind Life is Strange, Vampyr, and the recent Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden, is undergoing a reorganisation to better handle development on seven major game projects, and to ensure a more cohesive future for the studio.

The news was announced in a press release describing the process as “a transformative step forward” in the company’s organisational structure that reflects “its unwavering commitment to innovation and creativity in storytelling and gameplay.” Going forward, the company will be reformed with three main branches of expertise: RPG, Narrative Adventure, and Action Adventure.

While the teams are interrelated, and communication channels will remain open between them, the move aims to create a more streamlined environment for developing games.

“This new organisation reflects our dedication to delivering high-quality games across successful gaming genres,” Oskar Guilbert, CEO at Don’t Nod Entertainment said. “The expertise cultivated within these branches allows us to develop increasingly specialised in-house tools and ultimately, cost optimisation in production. By improving our productivity and our internal capabilities, we aim to deliver memorable and unique gaming experiences that resonate with players worldwide.”

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As part of its announcement, Don’t Nod confirmed it has seven projects in the pipeline, five of which are being developed in-house. So far, we’ve already seen trailers for Lost Records: Bloom and Rage, from Don’t Nod Montréal, and Koira, which is being developed by Belgian studio Tolima. We also know one of the unannounced projects is coming from Tiny Bull Studios.

That leaves four unannounced projects being developed in-house at Don’t Nod. While the studio has confirmed all its projects share ideas of “engaging world building, compelling storytelling, and unique creative direction” there are very little clues about what’s in store.

A Vampyr sequel has been discussed at length by fans of the original, and another entry in the popular Life is Strange series is likely in mind – but no firm details are floating yet. Whatever’s on the way, we await more news with anticipation.

For those looking forward to new Don’t Nod tales, it’s best to stay patient and keep an eye on the horizon. Based on the studio’s latest update, there’s plenty brewing.

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