Disney Dreamlight Valley gets Jafar, Jack Skellington, new multiplayer mode, and more

Here's everything you need to know about the latest updates for Disney Dreamlight Valley.
disney dreamlight valley rift in time new update expansion

Disney Dreamlight Valley is set to expand massively over the next month, with a range of new features arriving in the base game shortly, and even more included in the upcoming A Rift in Time paid expansion DLC.

First up – the goodies for base game users. When Disney Dreamlight Valley exits early access on 5 December 2023, a ‘full release’ update will introduce Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas as a new villager, complete with a full quest line and Halloween-themed rewards. In addition, this update will introduce the ValleyVerse multiplayer mode, which allows players to visit each other, and take part in activities – including shopping at Scrooge McDuck’s store, and trading items.

Gameloft has also announced this base game update will include the “biggest amount” of fixes and improvements for the game yet, hopefully ensuring a smoother experience across all consoles. It has also noted that a new Star Path will launch on 5 November, ahead of the game’s full release, with this one themed around Disney Princess looks.

Image: Gameloft

In future, even more free content is coming to the game, with Gameloft further confirming that Sulley and Mike from Monsters Inc. will be dropping in shortly – at the start of 2024 – followed by Mulan, Tiana, Daisy Duck, and other new villagers.

As revealed by Apple, the game is also launching for mobile via Apple Arcade in December 2023, with A Rift in Time included. Notably, this version of the game will not include Star Path seasons or Premium Shop content as Apple Arcade does not support microtransactions.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time – New Features

Those who fork out for A Rift in Time (US $29.99) have even more new features to enjoy. This paid game expansion will introduce a new quest line focussed on a fresh location, The Eternity Isle. This land is partially inspired by Agrabah from Aladdin, and it will be about the size of the base game, with its own unique desert and jungle biomes to explore (Ancients Landing, Glittering Dunes, Wild Tangle).

As revealed, there will be new animals to befriend in these areas, as well as fresh ingredients and collectibles to gather for new food and crafting recipes. A new tool – the hourglass – is also being introduced in this expansion, with this allowing you to search for hidden treasures. Special machines for automating crafting and cooking are also coming to the game shortly.

The plot of A Rift in Time seems to focus on the machinations of the evil Jafar, who will attempt to conquer all of time and space using magical artefacts. To defeat Jafar and convince him to live a more peaceful life, you’ll need to complete an array of quests, housed within three major story arcs:

  • Welcome to Eternity Isle – Launching 5 December 2023
  • The Spark of Imagination – Launching Spring 2024 [Northern Hemisphere]
  • Treasures of Time – Launching Summer 2024 [Northern Hemisphere]

To aid your quest, you’ll have three new villagers to help you – Gaston of Beauty and the Beast, EVE of Wall-E, and Rapunzel of Tangled.

There’s likely to be plenty of other hidden secrets in A Rift in Time, with this expansion set to massively expand the world of Dreamlight Valley, and create new opportunities for exploration and questing in an ever-growing Disney universe. Keep an eye out when Disney Dreamlight Valley exits early access on 5 December 2023 – it appears big things are brewing.

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