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Disney Dreamlight Valley: What to expect in Pride of the Valley

Pride of the Valley will introduce characters from the Lion King, and a brand new Star Path.
disney dreamlight valley pride of the valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley developer Gameloft has published the official patch notes for the incoming Pride of the Valley content update, set to introduce new characters from the world of The Lion King on 5 April 2023.

In addition to new story content, it appears Pride of the Valley will also introduce a brand new Disney Parks-themed Star Path with items inspired by the Mad Tea Party and Dumbo the Flying Elephant, special items for Scrooge McDuck’s store, new Premium Shop buys, and a special Easter ‘Eggstravaganza’ event that will take place over several weeks in April.

A number of other surprises are also coming to game, including new ways to pet and interact with your animal companions, a new selfie pose in Photo Mode, faster Valley traversal with a debuting ‘hover’ ability, energy replenishment activities, and even new Toy Story content, in the form of strange alien visitors.

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As with past updates, a number of bug and performance fixes are also included in Pride of the Valley, which should make for a much smoother experience all around. Following the latest game update, you’ll be able to progress more easily through a number of quests, and animal companions should also be more friendly.

You can check out everything arriving in Disney Dreamlight Valley in the Pride of the Valley update via Gameloft’s detailed patch notes, shared below.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: New Content and Improvements

  • A new Realm door is open in the Dream Castle: The Lion King Realm! 
  • Welcome Simba and Nala to the Valley as you build your very own version of Pride Rock. 
  • Celebrate Disney Parks with the most ambitious and magical Star Path yet! Place your very own Pixar Pal-A-Round, Dumbo the Flying Elephant or Mad Tea Party rides and transform your Valley into the happiest place on earth! 
  • Scrooge McDuck’s Store has received a new shipment of exciting new items, including some snazzy bathroom equipment, mushroom-inspired sets and more. 
  • New optional items are coming to the Premium Shop for a limited time! Get ready to live your perfect life at sea with Prince Eric’s Boat house Dream Style and meet Dreamlight infused animal companions for the first time. 
  • Enjoy the return of sunny days outside and take part in our Eggstravaganza event from April 8 to 29! 
  • Craft new interactive items for your animal companions to give them more to do around your valley, including little houses, feeders and toys. 
  • A new selfie pose for each of your animal companions is now available in Photo Mode. 
  • Paging Star Command! It seems like there have been a few more alien sightings in the Valley. You should, uh, talk to Buzz… 
  • The well-fed bonus that is earned from eating cooked meals has been beefed up! When well-fed, you now get more chances of Critical Results each time you interact with the world (i.e. picking fruits, fishing fish, mining gems, etc.). But that’s not all… 
  • Get moving with the ability to hover! When the well-fed bonus is active, you can now start channeling your magic to slide around your Valley even faster! 
  • Take a breath. Sitting down on a bench – or any other object, for that matter – anywhere in the Valley, will now replenish your energy very slowly. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Top Bug Fixes

  • Players should no longer encounter issues initiating a hang-out with Eric (we hear he was busy with his boat). 
  • Improved companion behaviour to reduce the chance of being blocked by them.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented some players from feeding critters while they had a training manual in their inventory.
  • “A Festival of Friendship” quest: The 4th piece of the Madrigal Table should now spawn as expected on the beach. 
  • “The Definition of a Hero” quest: Players should now receive the Space Ranger Buffet required to complete this quest. 
  • “A Restaurant Makeover” quest: Fixed an issue which would prevent the player from completing this quest by entering the restaurant. 
  • “Remy’s Recipe Book” quest: Fixed an issue that prevented the book from spawning. 
  • “The Final Trial” quest: Fixed an issue which caused the Ice Heart to disappear after planting it for some players. 
  • “Missing Prince” quest: After placing the Prince Eric statue, the memory needed to progress this quest should now spawn properly. 
  • Altered the Sunstone Fragment icon to make it more easily distinguishable from Night Shards in the Forest of Valor. 
  • The Spacecraft Porthole window should now properly display a space background. 
  • Players can now pick up the blue clothing bag in Moana’s home that was blocked by furniture for some folks. 
  • Camera collision in the Toy Story Realm has been improved. 
  • Fixed an issue which prevented some players from equipping Mickey and Minnie’s D100 Dream Styles. 
  • Fixed an issue preventing some players from tracking quests in the menu. 
  • Fixed an issue in which a small number of players reported Star Path rewards disappearing after restarting their game. 
  • Fixed an issue in which some Nintendo Switch users would encounter a black screen when entering the WALL-E Realm. 
  • Fixed an issue in which a small number of Mac users encountered crashes upon entering the Sunlit Plateau. 
  • Fixed an issue in which some players were unable to pick up flowers in the Frosted Heights biome. 
  • Fixed an issue which caused certain quest items to remain in players’ inventories after completing the relevant quests. 
  • Adjusted Stitch motif. 
  • Various localisation fixes. 
  • Various audio and visual fixes. 
  • Various Premium Shop fixes. 
  • And more bug fixes, optimisations and stability improvements! 

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