Bungie and Netflix reportedly had talks for Destiny animated series

A new report has alleged a Destiny animated series was in the works at Netflix, but it was later cancelled.
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Bungie and Netflix reportedly once held talks for a Destiny animated TV series that would have expanded the world of the game. That’s according to Forbes reporter Paul Tassi (via Eurogamer), who discussed the project in a recent deep dive video about a potential Destiny adaptation.

In his video, Tassi claims that prior to Bungie’s acquisition by Sony, the studio was working on a Destiny adaptation directly with Netflix. It’s believed the project got to the scripting stage, but it “didn’t really come together” in the end. Per Tassi, the project was developed a “long time ago” and never got far into development.

As noted by Eurogamer, Bungie recently hired former Warner Bros. executive Gabriel VanHuss as the “Head of Linear Media” for Destiny, tasking him with expanding the franchise into “TV, films, books, comics and audio formats.”

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Based on Tassi’s reporting, it appears this is just the latest attempt by Bungie to transform Destiny into a multimedia franchise. While not much more is known about the reported TV series in the works with Netflix, it appears Bungie has always been keen to expand the world of Destiny, and invite new audiences to experience its lore.

Given how rich that lore is, there’s certainly potential in a TV adaptation of some form. For now, there’s nothing quite solidified at Bungie – and the reported Netflix series is long dead in the water – but given VanHuss’ appointment, we may see new developments shortly.

There’s plenty of material to work with here, and many unique Destiny stories that Bungie could explore by branching out to new mediums. We’ll just have to wait to see what’s in the works.

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