Death Stranding 2: On the Beach gets odd new trailer

Death Stranding 2 is officially subtitled "On the Beach" and it's coming in 2025.
death stranding 2 gameplay trailer

Kojima Productions has revealed a brand new trailer for Death Stranding 2 during the first PlayStation State of Play for 2024, confirming a number of returning characters, and the game’s rumoured subtitle: On the Beach. Based on the footage, which featured cinematics and gameplay, it appears Death Stranding 2 will be just as strange as its predecessor.

The surprises began almost immediately in the new trailer, with the introduction of a character played by George Miller, director of Mad Max. We always love to see Australian representation in media, and this was a very pleasant shock. In Miller’s introductory sequence, he aids Léa Seydoux’s Fragile in an autopsy, as they investigate strange wounds on an inky body that appears to still be alive.

This is followed by a re-introduction for Norman Reedus’ Sam Bridges, who will once again attempt to save the world by travelling a harsh, post-apocalyptic landscape creating structures, defeating enemies, and restoring strange technologies. He’ll also be accompanied by a unique puppet, which is animated in an incredible stop motion-like style.

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As in the original Death Stranding, Bridges will one again face off with Troy Baker’s Higgs in this adventure. He appears newly-revived in the gameplay trailer, and rocking some fresh threads – strange face paint, and a mech suit.

That’s not the strangest thing about Higgs this go around however, as it turns out he’ll also be a more formidable enemy. Per the trailer, he’ll be armed with an electricity-powered guitar in this tale, wielding it to pull off devastating moves in combat. It’s all a bit cool, a bit sick, and very Hideo Kojima.

Following the reveal of this flashy new trailer, Hideo Kojima also popped into the State of Play showcase in-person, to reveal that Kojima Productions is now working on a new “action espionage” game alongside PlayStation Studios. It’s being described as a brand new IP, although not much is known about it for now.

Death Stranding 2: On the Beach did not get a firm release date during the PlayStation State of Play – however, it is confirmed to be launching sometime in 2025.

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