Crunchyroll adds 15 new titles to its Game Vault

Crypt of the NecroDancer, RWBY: Arrowfell, and more are being added to the Crunchyroll Game Vault.
crunchyroll game vault crypt of the necrodancer

The Crunchyroll Game Vault is set to expand with 15 new, exclusive mobile games hitting the platform over the coming months. As of today, Crunchyroll Mega Fan subscribers will gain access to Battle Chasers: Nightwar, Dawn of the Monsters, and Evan’s Remains – and there’s plenty more arriving shortly.

Over the last year, Crunchyroll has doubled down on its mobile game offerings, with the release of a range of exclusives, including River City Girls, Behind the Frame, inbento, and more. It’s a neat perk for Mega Fan subscribers, and the Game Vault library gets sweeter by the month.

While there’s a range of other mobile game services competing for your attention – Apple Arcade and Netflix’s mobile games library being the most significant challengers – Crunchyroll is quietly building out a strong array of mobile games that are worth your time. Plus, the service is great for chomping through classic anime, and catching up with newer releases (please watch Trigun Stampede, it rules).

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Following the first drop of its latest Game Vault titles, Crunchyroll will also be getting the following games:

  • Crypt of the NecroDancer – A roguelike rhythm-combat game set to music.
  • Corpse Party – A horror cult classic where you explore haunted school.
  • Lunar Lux – A sci-fi RPG set on the moon.
  • Magical Drop VI – The next chapter of the classic puzzle game.
  • MMC KENKEN – The World’s Most Exciting Math and Logic Puzzle – A game of maths puzzles.
  • The Quintessential Quintuplets ~ Memories of a Quintessential Summer – A narrative survival game.
  • PictoQuest – A game of light roleplaying logic puzzles.
  • Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness – A detective adventure game.
  • RWBY: Arrowfell – An action-adventure game based on the RWBY anime.
  • Spidersaurs – A run-and-gun action game where you fight against spider-dinosaur hybrids.
  • STEINS;GATE – A sci-fi visual novel that inspired its own anime series.

Each game on this list will drop between July and August 2024, with more titles set to follow. Those keen to access Crunchyroll’s mobile game exclusives can learn more about the Game Vault and Mega Fan membership on the Crunchyroll website.

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