Creatures of Ava revealed during Xbox Partner Preview

Creatures of Ava looks to be a cosy creature-wrangler with very wholesome vibes.
creatures of ava game

Spanish studios Inverge and Chibig popped up during the recent Xbox Partner Preview to reveal Creatures of Ava, a colourful and wholesome-looking adventure game that sees players wrangling hordes of animals to save the local environment.

With a narrative co-written by Rhianna Pratchett (Mirror’s Edge, Tomb Raider), and plenty of animal petting, Creatures of Ava is certainly a game to watch – particularly for those looking for cosy vibes in their next video game journey.

The first trailer for the game has revealed a sweeping story that will take players across a range of environs – grasslands, desserts, rainforests, clifftops, and beyond. In each region, there will be a number of animals to befriend – and it appears you’ll be able to use their abilities to restore peace.

Check out the trailer below:

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In the course of your journey through Creatures of Ava, you’ll save wild animals from a strange infection, and form bonds that allow you to travel your planet, and save every being along the way.

While there are some elements of monster-catching games like Pokemon in the overall design of Creatures of Ava, the game is distinctly described as a “Creature Saver” game where your purpose is to give every creature love and support.

“One of our overarching goals when developing the game was to make it non-violent while remaining really fun to play,” Pablo Martínez Carratalá, Creatures of Ava Game Director and CEO of Inverge Studios told Xbox Wire of the game. “From the outset, we’ve been captivated by the notion of saving creatures from a distant planet, not for any utilitarian purpose, but simply because they’re sentient beings deserving of compassion.”

For now, the game is targeting launch for PC and Xbox Series X/S in 2024. Stay tuned for more news.

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